Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Indeed.

Tomorrow is my birthday.

My mom has been asking me what’s on my “birthday list”… what I want, what I need… and all I’ve been able to come up with is “a nice wine opener because mine (from working at Bennigan’s through college) finally bit the dust”. And let’s face it.. if I can’t open up a bottle of wine on my birthday, darn right I’ll cry if I want to. :)

My point is that I’ve had trouble coming up with gift ideas because now, more than three decades into my life, I've finally realized that I don’t need anything. And anything I want is really just gravy; it’s frosting on top of a cupcake I already don’t deserve.
I’ve been touched by Grace and live a life that’s beyond blessed. I’m living the dream.
Or rather, to quote my friend Lisa,
“Actually, it's bigger than a dream and better than I could have imagined. Just goes to show you that God has bigger plans than we do.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

So I don't need... "stuff".
For this birthday, I’m saying Thank You.

I'm putting 33 acts of kindness into the world, one for every year God has granted me the privilege to live this life.
And maybe an extra 2 thrown in there because the two years The Redhead has been on this earth have been—at the very least—more interesting :) because of her. And that deserves some bonus kindness and gratitude shot back out into this universe, I think.

I’m not putting a deadline on myself like “do this all in one day”, because I have a jobby-job and I never want to feel motivated to do something nice just because the clock is ticking.

But I’m all-in, and I’ll keep you posted on what I’m up to.

So back to my mom. And her question.
What do I want for my birthday?
I want your help.

I’ll hold up my end of the bargain, but what do you say…. Will you join me?

I’ve written before about my goal to start a revolution.
And right now?
It’s the best time to suit up and get on board.

Take a MINUTE out of your day and do something nice and unexpected for someone else.

And then when you’re riding the high of how good you felt, do it again.

Once more, or twice. Or maybe 33 times for me. :)



  1. OMG, I got quoted on your blog! Totally humbled.

    And I'm up for the niceness revolution!

  2. Lisa, you crack me up. Thanks for letting me boost your line :)