Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Famous Crates: From The Greatest Yard Sale, Ever

It's yard sale (garage sale?) season!
Spring and summer in Iowa bring a host of great bargains, just waiting to be plucked from your neighbor's front lawn (for payment, of course ;) )

I know I've mentioned living in Iowa before, but what many of you don't know is that I live in the 'burbs just outside of Des Moines, which is home to Meredith Corporation - the publishers who birthed that giant 8lb. 7oz. baby of Home goodness, Better Homes & Gardens.

And they recently held the mother-of-all garage sales to help combat hunger among America's children.

All those props from BHG (and other Meredith Corp. publications like Midwest Living and DIY) style shoots over the years - glassware! Textiles! Storage! Accessories! - were there for the buying. 
Normally Meredith allows only employees access to purchasing these items, so I was especially
excited when Mr. V. said he had some spare time to wrangle The Redhead so I could go, kid-free.

I am not hard-core like some of the people there - I got there as they opened so I didn't have to wait in the long line, I just had to walk it.  I did hear that people at the front of the line had been there since 2am!
No thanks.  It's home decor, not Neil Diamond tickets.  ;)
By the time I made it in, there was still quite a bit of merchandise all around, but you had to keep your eyes peeled, and in some cases, dig.

They had some A-MAZ-ING furniture there (and of course I forgot to bring my camera... BOO!), but those pieces were, of course, mostly all wearing the bright orange "Rats-you-missed-out-suckas: SOLD!" stickers.

I got lucky and scored two of these Pottery Barn crates for a very reasonable price.

I could march into my local PB today and buy these exact same baskets (even on sale) for about 85% more, so I was feeling pretty grand about my deal.

And I'd like to think the added value is that they're FAMOUS - Somewhere, there is a magazine photo with MY crates!
They're crate-u-lebrities ;)

Right now one is in a closet awaiting marching orders, and the other is hanging out on top of my kitchen cabinets for the time being...

I tossed in some wine bottles and green apples and heaved him up there to see how it looked. 
We'll see if he stays there for very long.
Right now I'm on the hunt for the perfect vintage pot/boxwood combo for a pop of natural color with all the wood on the left side. 

Perfect over-cabinet solution?
I doubt it.
But not bad for less than ten bucks. :)



  1. Wow! Lucky you, those are too cute!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm so jealous!! What a great score! I love that mag....and those baskets are definitely AWESOME.

  3. I love BH&G! You scored a great item.

  4. No way! Those are fantastic! Ok I'm in Ames Iowa, so you wanna tell me when they have a sale again. I'd be all over it!



  5. You have a great way of writing, like how you sound. I love it and am so jealous I don't live in the Midwest anymore, the anxiety of it all may have made me woozy! Have a great day, found you on the linky party.