Thursday, June 30, 2011

Road Trip Survival Kit

My birthday present to myself is doing nice stuff for other people.

On of those people is our daycare provider.
She is super awesome, and her family?  Is my family.

Last week they packed up the car for a fun family vacation - The Great American Road Trip!
So, I surprised them with a fun "Survival Kit" to help pass the time in the car and help keep them from killing each other :)

I remember making the drive from Iowa to Florida for a family vacation many moons ago.
My best friend came with us, and her mom put together a fun kit like this - we had so much fun looking for different things, it really helped pass the time. 
And, it's super easy to put together for someone!

It doesn't take a lot.  I started with some treats, and some car-friendly games everyone could play while they were in the car:
- Travel Trivial Pursuit
- Deck of Cards
- Hangman pads
- Crossword puzzle book
- Word search book
I also added in a sudoku book and.. a few more snacks :)

Next, I printed out labels and made coordinating tags for the gifts:

The idea is that each gift is wrapped up, and has a tag with a specific item that has to be spotted, or a task to be performed before you can open the gift:

Some are easy, like "Open when you cross the state line", and some take a little more work,  like spotting license plates from 10 different states.

I was in a hurry to get this off and over to her in time, so I forgot to take pics of the finished wrapped gifts.
But whatever, I used coordinating wrapping paper and trust me,  it was cute. :)

I put everything into this cute vellum bag, and ta-da!
(hint: I would recommend always putting the packages in a gift bag/sack - the bag then becomes an easy catch-all for garbage [which is inevitable on a road trip, right?] and makes it a snap to toss out the trash when it's full)

Happy Road-Tripping!


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  1. So lovely! Now I really feel badly about just sending flowers to our daycare provider for the end-of-the-year.

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  2. How wonderfully thoughtful! My husband's granny passed away earlier this month and we hit the road at the last minute from Texas to North Carolina. Just before we left NC, a friend brought over a similar bag for our kids on the way home. It was such a blessing and certainly not something I would have considered for a funeral!

    I love how you added the "games" in order to open each gift. That helps draw it out and makes it even more fun!

    Great post!

  3. I love this idea! this will be perfect for a plane ride too! thanks for sharing!

    New Follower from

  4. Great idea! Stopping by from I heart Naptime hop!

  5. What a fabulous idea! I'm stopping over and following from the hop. Come by and see me too...

  6. This is an AWESOME idea. I have seen road trip survival kits before, but never with the criteria to unwrap! I can't wait until my kiddos are old enough to do this! Thanks SO much for sharing!

  7. So much more creative that what I gave teachers at the end of the year...

  8. That's an awesome way to keep the conversation going! And you've stepped it up and made the whole game package simple yet nicely done! I'm sure it brought out a fun-filled competition among all of you!

  9. How clever! A kit like that can remove the boredom in the car during long road trips...

  10. This is an AWESOME idea!! I found your post via pinterest while in search of things to help keep me sane on our 24 road trip with 3 little ones (6.5, 3.5, 20 months)! I will definitely be making one of these! My only question is- do you still have a list of 'tasks' for each gift?? I'm so NOT creative! Thanks in advance!!!!

  11. They are like the anti-Trump. Now, I understand why that can be very attractive at this point. Emergency Survival Kits