Monday, June 20, 2011

A Splash of Summer

I don't know about where you live, but here in Iowa we had been experiencing some real up-and-down weather over the past few weeks... from steamy and 90+ degrees... to 50's and raining, all within a 48-hour period. 
Gotta love the weather in the midwest!

Now that summer is here [I think!] to stay, it was time to update the house.
I'm not one to redecorate everything for holidays or different times of the year
[no, Pottery Barn, I am not buying new bedding just for Christmas.  No matter how badly you want me to]
But I do like to switch things up and add a few touches as the seasons change.
This year, I'm feeling a little beachy.


I'm finding that dropping a starfish here and there is like putting a little "kiss" of summer in a room.

Yep, I put a frame around our thermostat.
If our builder can conspicuously slap the thing of a large wall,
then I can make it art.[ish]. 
Right on.

The peonies were wonderful while they lasted...

..but now that they're gone this sandy succulant has moved in for the summer.

I haven't fully jumped on the sand dollar craze yet this season, but I like this little guy.

My planters on the deck are already growing out of control - with all the rain we've gotten lately my vines are going bananas.

And now that I'm feeling like the inside of my house is ready for summer,
I'm looking forward to some breezy nights out on the deck and
more warm days to let this one loose:

Cheers to Summer,

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  1. I like the little starfish additions, definitely summery. Sweet little one too. I'm following now.