Monday, July 18, 2011

Decorator Dog

Either Newman is my new apprentice, or he's mocking me.

I asked him [yes, I "asked" him.  If you are a dog-owner and say you don't talk to your dog, I *might* say you're a dirty liar.  :) ] ::ahem::  I asked him

"What do you think, Newm?  Do I need another pillow in that hole on the couch?"

He looked me square in the eye, crawled up into that very spot, yawned and went to sleep.

I guess I won't be adding another pillow for now. :)

Oh well, I can't go wrong with pictures of a sleeping puppy, can I?

Aw shucks.
Nope, I can't. :)



  1. Sounds like something my dog would do! You should add a bright/patterned pillow for fun!

  2. Adorable!! And I agree maybe like a turquoise or sea green pillow :) Maybe even get wild with a yellow pillow! :)