Thursday, July 7, 2011

Finding Your Style: Pop Culture

Ahhhhh!  I'm refreshed!  Renewed!  Rested!
(Ok, that's totally a lie.  No WAY I'm rested... I have a two year old!) :)
Over the holiday weekend I did a lot of leisurely "home-spotting"... do you ever do this? 
Check out television and online real estate listings in your neighborhood to see how people decorate?
I love it- it's fun to get a glimpe behind the front doors of homes you drive by.

So looking through homes got me thinking about the recent session I attended with Jill Waage from Better Homes & Gardens.
Jill talked about looking at the spaces you are drawn to in movies and on television as inspiration for your own style.

Do you have a favorite?

When I was a kid, I wanted to live with the Huxtable family in their brownstone - everyone remember Cliff standing on this front porch with a trash can lid fending off snowballs? 
::sigh:: I loved that show :)

When I got older, it was an obsession with the Walsh House on Beverly Hills, 90210

I don't know if it was the spanish-style home or the idea of sunny California that was so appealing, but in the early '90s I was ready to pack my bags and end up on the Walsh front door, humming the show theme song.

These days, though, it's a no-brainer:
It's the Dunphy house from Modern Family.

This house is like the Mothership calling me home.
I love the base of creamy neutrals, balanced with a variety natural textures and color incorporated seamlessly into the overall look and feel of the rooms.

I actually rather dislike blue walls as a general rule, but this one works for me.
With its grey undertones coupled with creams in the living room and the crisp white trim, it almost plays as a neutral rather than a blue.

The home has a realistic, lived-in feel that is still completely stylish.

Interesting note: the chairs at the kitchen table (above photo: center back; below photo: right side behind Phil) were used in the first few episodes but were eventually swapped out for a less formal version.

Are you surprised that I love the new chairs more?
[You'll find out why HERE. ]
Familiar? ;)

This house has managed to pull off the perfect combination of classic and traditional with an eclectic, homey, gathered-over-time feel that I try to achieve in my own house.

What's your favorite TV house?



  1. Hey there,

    Stopping by from the hop - what a great post. Very creative.

    hmmm...fave tv "space"...I'm going with the Kardashian sis' condo in NYC. Roof-top get the picture.


  2. good question, I would have to think about that some more. I dont really watch all that much tv

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  3. So funny, I totally have certain houses that will forever stick in my memory from childhood movies. Like every time I read a book, I will picture the same houses from childhood shows. I love all the house too!