Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Old Project, New Use

I have fun neighbors.  Every summer, we get together for a party.
This year, we held an outdoor shebang extending across 3 of our backyards (we're lucky to have a ton of green space where people's yards meet). 

SOMEONE, who shall remain nameless
*really* thought he needed to attend this shindig.

He thought wrong.

With people ("New friends! Yay! BeMyFriendBeMyFriend LickLickJumpWiggle".. you get the picture), and food and drink temptations all over the place, it was determined that our furry friend would be spending some quality quiet time indoors, enjoying the air-conditioning.

But, we knew people would be in and out of homes all night, you know, to use the potty.

I pulled out one of these chalkboard tags that I made last summer, stuck it on the window, aaaannnnnnd problem solved!

I just hung it on the sliding glass door using a magnetic wreath-hanger.

Guests knew not to let the sad eyes fool them into letting the Beast into the Backyard, and no one got lost on their way to the 'loo.

"Curses, foiled again!"
Don't give me that look, you.  
We'll have a date with a dog treat later. :)

As for the chalk tags, I'm finding new uses for them all the time..

We've used them around the necks of pitchers to identify beverages...

On the front door to let visitors know The Redhead is sleeping...
They also make cute nameplates for a kid's room

I'm sure we'll find even more uses for them yet!
Chalkboard paint, I <3 You.


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