Monday, July 25, 2011

Small Change, Big Impact

My drop cloth curtains are one of my favorite projects to date.  They were super simple to make, and I loved the look in my living room. 
At the time, we had our old khaki green couch there, so I was going for adding layers and texture, but overall a monochromatic look on the wall with a bit of depth.  I had Restoration Hardware on the brain.
I was happy with the result and felt the curtains helped elongate those windows and dress up an otherwise super casual room.
But then we finally finished the basement.

And the old couch went down there and got a new makeover of its own.

Then the new furniture arrived (Hooray! :) ), and all of a sudden my layered, textured wall just looked like a lot of....

Now, I love my brown couch - it's this tweed-y fabric that is soft, but durable.
And I super-duper love my wall color - it's the perfect warm, taupe-y greige.

But I needed to break it up, and give that corner some LIGHT - otheriwse everything would just start to blob together like a melted candybar.
Once I figured out the problem, I was on a mission. 
40 minutes shopping over a lunch break one afternoon, 10 minutes of ironing and 5 minutes of hanging later, and ahhhhhhh...  I Love!

I used ivory cotton panels to lighten and brighten and they did the trick!
I didn't go with white because I accessorize quite a bit with cream, and I didn't want the curtains to make the cream look dingy.


The ivory warms the room without darkening the room, which is what I was hoping for.
And don't worry about the drop cloths... I've got plans for them in another room.

New curtains: just one small change, but a big difference for me!