Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time for a [Free] Change-Up

Since I'm already [still?] talking about my living room...

Remember when I started adding some summer flair to it?

I popped a few pieces into a vignette back then, but knew that my tablescape would eventually change.

Well, that time is now.  :)

I had one naptime and $0 to change this setup into something that was more reflective of my Rustic-Revival-meets-Nantucket-Style.
I started with this framed print, which is one of my most prized posessions. 
It, along with a smaller print from the same series, is the first piece of "real" art I have ever purchased.  
The investment was a big deal to me and marked the very beginning of the emergence of my own personal style.  [more on that in an upcoming post]
It's shameful I've had it stored away for so long.
So, Mr. Boat, I'm happy you'll be joining us. 

Once I had my art, I shopped the house and rediscovered some other fun pieces that had been similarly neglected:

This lantern has been shoved in a spare room since we moved in 4 years ago. 
I stole a couple shells from other rooms and he fits in nicely.

I pulled out the loose-weave jute runner that I used on my Easter Table, and in the process found this glass hurricane I literally forgot I had.  What a nice surprise! :)
I twisted some beachy seagrass inside and let him join the party.

And this bleached wood bundle had been collecting dust in a corner of my bedroom for a few years now.
With its rough jute rope binding, I thought it fit the bill. 

Earth-shattering changes?
Not so much.
But the old arrangement had been getting on my nerves for some reason, and this setup 
feels fresh and quite a bit more "me".

I'll tell you what though, that table is DYING to be painted a nice warm white/cream.
Anyone else smell a project in the air?  ;)



  1. What a nice change! I absolutely adore that picture. I grew up sailing so those types of photos really stand out to me.

  2. Fabulous changes and don't you just love when you can shop the house?? :o)

  3. Love the photograph, but then I'm biased--my dad's the photographer! Your room makeover looks great--so fresh and summer-y!


  4. Hey Morgan, thanks for stopping by!

    I've received several inquiries about that piece - I'm planing a feature on your Dad's work soon! (Like I said, I'm a fan) :)