Friday, August 26, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Alan Klug

Ever since I posted about my free living room update, emails have trickled in about the artwork I hung in the room.  I figured it's probably easiest to post about it, and since I'm a fan of his work, I have no problem tooting the horn of the talented artist behind this piece,

This photo is one of two in his "jib" series.

I adore the lines in this smaller one - the billowing sail in the wind is a breath of fresh air.  I'm trying to find a home in this house for this one, too.

These pieces are the first works of "real" art - not some cheap reproduction - that I've ever owned.  
Their purchase was not only an investment for me, but also a representation of a first step into a new stage of my life that taught me quite a bit about myself.
I was not long out of college, had only months prior purchased my first home (a cute little townhouse that was mine, all mine) and I was in the process of making it my own.  
This was the first purchase of significance that I had made in my entire life that I hadn't consulted my father's financial advice or my mother's good taste.  I bought them because they spoke to me and seeing them displayed in my home reminds me of that sense of self-assuredness and independence that I sometimes forget I had.
I love that Art can invoke feeling and rustle up memory in me.
That's why I love this work.

Check it out for yourself.....
I'm most drawn to his work in sepia tones, but Alan's website shows a range of color and subjects.

See what I mean?
(click on the photos to be taken to Alan's site)

**Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for the content of this post.  I'm not above that... but at least for this post I wasn't.  :)  I just write about what I like, and I like this stuff.  The end.**


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