Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August: Three Things Under $30

Where did August go?
While I'm still trying to wrap my brain around the disappearance of an entire summer month, getting back to the back-to-school routine and - dare I say - the retreat of the oppressive heat.... I leave you with this month's 3 under $30 finds....

I love this pillow cover from PB.
I love it so much I put it in my living room.
The porcelain blue stripes made it a lovely color pop for spring, and the rich warm golds and browns are now a perfect fall accent.
For $25 (and free shipping if you don't have a Pottery Barn near you) it's a perfect neutral-but-not-so-neutral touch.
Pottery Barn Stripe Pillow

I always forget about Save-On-Crafts as a decorating resource, and these adorable milk bottles are just one reason I really should utilize them more.
The set of 3 comes in this cute willow basket for just $8.39!

Perfect as bud vases or totally cute all on their own.

 Save-On-Crafts Milk Bottles

 I love, love LOVE these stencils from Urban Outfitters.
On the surface they look easy enough to DIY (or at least something that looks close enough), but because they're actually metal, I'm gonna go ahead and leave these up to the professionals.
I love the clean look and the simple feel.
And for just $8?  Sign me up, please. 

OK, so I know the title of this series is 3 things under $30, and this next item  is A) the 4th mentioned here and B) slightly over thirty bucks, but I don't care.  Its awesomeness defies all rules.
Eco-friendly?  Check.
Wall-mounted animal?  Check, Check.
UNICORN??? Check! Check! Check!

34 Bones worth of mythical goodness.

So awesome, right?
Because um, Cardboard Unicorn?  You had me at "Hello".


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