Monday, August 29, 2011

Making Make-Up: A Mom's Solution

Mr. V and I both work, so juggling getting ourselves ready for work, the dog fed, out and loved, and a certain adorable Redhead ready for a day with her friends can make our morning routine a little hectic.

To help manage time, I've started putting my makeup on in the downstairs bathroom off the kitchen, so I can multitask a little - get myself ready and still supervise the kiddo's breakfast while Mr. V. hops in the shower.

Lately, a certain rosy-cheeked face will be popping up in the mirror beside me, wanting to put on "her makeup".  I used to just give her a clean powder brush that I don't use, but lately she's been handing it back saying she wants to "put makeup on it".

I searched high and low for a play makeup kit for her, thinking she could play pretend right alongside Mom in the mornings.
Would you believe that every "makeup kit" I found marketed to toddlers has REAL makeup in it?
Um.... NO.  Have they met my child?

So, I figured if I wanted something, I had to make it myself.

As luck would have it, my mom was just coming to the end of an eye shadow compact, so she sent the empty container my way.

From there, I just gave it a good scrubbing, and then added my own fake makeup.

The secret?
Nail Polish!

It's that easy - just dig your old, probably-never-going-to-use-again nail polish bottles out of the drawer and pour them into the empty pods.

You'll want to let them sit to dry and harden - overnight is best.
You'll also notice that the nail polish will shrink a little when it dries, so I went back the next day and added a second layer to make it look full.  Same wait time.

And... there you go!

Now, The Redhead has her own "Big Girl Makeup", and I don't have to worry about a mess.  And THAT means, I still have my sanity.  For now. :)


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  1. that is a great idea!!! unfortunately my 5 year old may see through my crafty ways-- but how fun for the little ones! :)

  2. Super cute idea! How creative!

  3. What a FANTASTIC idea! I have three little girls and this is WONDERFUL! I am SO going to do to get my hands on an empty compact or three...

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!!GENIUS IDEA, will try it for sure!

  5. Excellent solution. I don't have permanent "residents" - but this will work great for the grandkids!