Friday, August 5, 2011

My Dreamhouse

When you were a kid, did you look at houses in the neighborhood as you passed by, and pick out a favorite you'd like to live in?
I loved that game.  I did that all the time, until my dream house landed in my living room.

I had wanted a dollhouse So.Badly.  For Christmas one year (I was 6 or 7, maybe?), Santa brought me the motherload - it was this DIY Dollhouse kit (yep, I started on the do-it-yourself-kick early! :) )
For weeks my Dad and I worked to put it together. 
Well that's not entirely true - Dad built the house, I was on shingle duty.  Every.Last.One.
But it was fun.  I loved that house, loved seeing it take shape, and I loved that time downstairs in the workshop, just me and my dad.  Wood glue on our fingers, classic music from the old, beat-up radio, sometimes up past bedtime.  So fun.

 And now I get to stand where he stood, watching a daughter enjoy something you [helped] create with your own two hands.
Hearing her talk to the inhabitants... 
..laughing as she acts out our lives on this tiny stage... 
...and smiling as she furrows her brow, deciding where to carefully place every last chair.

 So that's my dream house.
3 stories, 4 bedrooms, and a lotta love.



  1. Oh my! That doll house looks really great. If this were a real house, then living in it would be fun... Cleaning it might be a little hard, though. If I were to build my dream house, I might use this as an idea - from the roof to the front door.

  2. Such a lovely dollhouse. If my daughter were to see this, she'd be delighted. Somehow, this house also reminds me of a horror house that I used to see in movies back in the old days, especially the roof and the tower.

    Richard Boles

  3. Oh my goodness! Where did you find the kit? My grandfather built one for my sisters and I. It looked EXACTLY like this! We played with it forever. It is now in rough condition. I'm planning to refurbish it for our girls. Just need to know where to find the parts.