Monday, October 31, 2011

Becoming a 'Fan' of Dusting

How is fall treating you? 
I've been enjoying the leaves, the soups, and the sweet trick-or-treaters that showed up at our door over the weekend.

What's not to love? :)
(And seriously, I just want to eat my little kangaroo up!  I'll be so sad when she moves on from snuggly costumes :) )
I know most of the general population does their deep cleaning in the spring.  Me too... mostly.
Some things take shifting gears from summer to fall for them to come to the front of the cleaning line.
Namely.... the ceiling fans.

I'll tell you right now, if you subscribe to the staunch design belief that all ceiling fans should be outlawed, and ripped from the wall like those jerks on Trading Spaces always used to do (am I right?), well then avert your eyes from this post, my friends, and decline any invitations to visit the Midwest in late July or August. ;)

I'm just kidding, but in truth we're an unapologetic ceiling fan kind of household.  Mr.V. believes in the power of near-constant air circulation, and I'm inclined to agree.
The problem is, at some point you turn the fans off.  Like, oh, at the end of summer. And when they stop, you notice THIS:

Um, yuck.

And when you attempt to dust the blades, you get giant grey dust bunnies raining down onto you and your floor.  Double yuck.
 (oh seriously, GAG.  And so embarrassing)

It's only made worse by the realization that you just vacuumed the floor, and OH LOOK!  Now your clean floors are covered in dust again.  SUPER.

So, here's my solution.
Enter: Old Pillowcase.

Everybody has a spare old pillowcase tucked away in a linen closet somewhere - you know, the ones that don't match any other sheet sets, but you keep them tucked away in case of emergencies.

Simply take your pillowcase, and throw it over the blade, then use your hands to drag it back toward the edge. 

As the fabric moves, the dust will fall into the pillowcase, and not on your floors (or on you!).
I usually just dry-dust these, but every now and again I give the blade a bit of my Shaklee Basic H right before I toss the pillow case on.
When you're done, just take it outside and shake it out, then either repeat on another fan, or throw it in the laundry pile (I wash 'em inside-out after dusting).
And there you go.  I'm a "fan"! (Oh Good Lord... Sorry, I couldn't resist)



  1. I agree-brilliant! My MB fan is in DIRE need of dusting but I've been putting it off so we don't get all sorts of crud on the bed....duh, this is the perfect solution! Thank you for sharing!

  2. :) great tip! I have a ceiling fan duster, that does a pretty good job.

  3. We're "fans" of this dusting tip! In fact, we just featured it on our blog - Thanks!

  4. This is pure genius! I was dreading doing the fan dusting but not anymore! Thanks#