Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Big Girl Room Reveal [for the love of God FINALLY]

OK, so remember that post, oh, MORE THAN A YEAR AGO about getting The Redhead's big girl room ready for my growing gal?  No?  Don't worry, I barely remember it myself.  Refresher Here.

The Cliff Notes version is that way back when in yesteryear I knew that eventually we would be adding to The Family V.  And I deliberately set up a gender-neutral nursery for The Redhead so when that day finally came, I wouldn't sweat having the nursery ready in time; dude or gal, the new little person would have a room ready.  That meant that Red would need to graduate.  In order to spread out the cost and [hopefully] let some inspiration hit, I started early turning this sad guest room:

The Before:

into a haven for this little stinker:

So with that, I give you warning about the boatload of pictures to come and...
The After:

I am in LOVE with that captain's bed.
 The storage is heavenly and I think it's beyond cute.  This post is getting to long to include sources for stuff, but when I do that post, I'll tell you why this bed spent 4 days sitting vertically in my living room.  True Story.

This side of the room you'll see some familiar V Side projects, like the made-over yard sale mirror and  revamped clown college dresser... and a familiar face demanding to be in the picture.  [I can't help but smile.  She's THAT CUTE. :)  ]

This is also where the Princess Chair ended up.. and the DIY Monogram and my PBK pillow cover update.
I gave the trim a coat of paint and am THRILLED with how things turned out!  Big improvement.

I was at a loss for what to do on these walls.  I didn't want anything too heavy or too bulky, and it had to be something that would be relatively easy to update as she grew.
I took the letter K that had hung in her nursery (a $5, 50% off Hobby Lobby grab a couple years ago) and gave it a couple coats of sunny yellow craft paint.  The frames are your standard IKEA Ribba frames with a framed watercolor and some of The Redhead's own finger painted artistic genius.  Done.

On the other side of the mirror I recycled these two frames that I already had and updated them with a coat of paint.  I caught the mattes at PBK on sale, but you can achieve the same effect with cheap white mattes and a coat of spraypaint.

Here I framed the other half of her artwork, plus this great quote from our friend Christopher Robin, that
The Centsational Kate offered as a printable a while back.  I just updated the size and colors to fit this room, and poof!  Wall art.  Booyah.

So to recap:



It's finally finished, and has Redhead approval.
And so far it's getting a lot of use. :)


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  1. This is so cute! Every little girl's dream room come true! :o) You are so talented!

    Found you via link party.

  2. What an adorable room! Perfect for your growing little beauty!

  3. First, she has the most heavenly red hair! Adorable! Her room is gorgeous, I love love love the bed and those birds and the K, everything! Great job!!

  4. oh my! what a beautiful room! and that LAST picture! tooooo sweet!
    loving that chair!
    ps catching you this week!

  5. How adorably cute - both the room and your darling daughter! I'm loving the captain's bed too - it just makes everything look so tailored and neat. And the flower detail on the walls is perfect!

    Thanks for linking up to my first Room Evolution party - looking forward to seeing more!