Friday, November 4, 2011

Natural Thanksgiving Table Inspiration

Since I don't really decorate for Halloween beyond a carved pumpkin or two on the front porch, I've been daydreaming about Thanksgiving and all the warm, harvest-y goodness around for weeks now.
And now that it's November, I can share what's been floating around my brain without seeming weird[er]. :)

We only host Thanksgiving once every 5 years or so (we rotate with Mr.V's siblings and on my side, my Mom hosts) so year after year, I just rift through all the eye candy and tuck inspiration away to remember for our turn.
There are a thousand ways to create a beautiful table for this holiday, where the meal is the spotlight of the celebration, but my motto is, Keep it Natural.  Thanksgiving is a celebration of the Harvest, and gratitude for its bounty... so why look any further than that?

Who needs fancy serving dishes when Mother Nature is providing these beautiful stands and "platters"?
I love the mixture of textures here.
(and PS some of these pictures have been sitting in my inspiration file for eons and I don't have the source to credit.  If the pics are yours or you know where they're from, let me know and I'm happy to credit them!)

Last fall, I showed you how to make simple candles out of real fruits and gourds.

These can also make for a gorgeous, simple centerpiece - imagine the apples (or pumpkins or artichokes or whatever floats your boat) lined up neatly down a table runner?  Simple.  Elegant.  EASY.  ;)

Here's another great use of natural pieces used for serving.  The squash have such great, rich texture and color.  AND, it's a great way to continue to use the fruit even after you've scooped out the inside for whatever delicious recipe you're making.  Hooray for recycling! (and no dish-washing!)

Pumpkins, pears, apples, pinecones... you name it.  Natural elements are always my favorite for placecards.
(I used eggs for our Easter placecards and thought they turned out great!)
I just love the ease and the simplicity of these.

For fall, don't underestimate the power of your own backyard - flatten brightly colored leaves from your yard and write guests' names on them for placecards.  Or how about tying a ribbon with their name to a simple piece of bittersweet?  Or seed pods from your trees?  Or maybe a corn husk? 


This table captures the feel of the holiday, without making too much fuss.  I like how they've maintained different levels of the table decor, yet kept things low to encourage conversation across the table.


This one takes a monochromatic approach and mixes just a hint of metallic edge to the natural feel.
And it's just darn pretty.



Got any ideas yet?  Here's to a beautiful, [and easy, and stress-free] Thanksgiving table in your home this year!



  1. Emily, are you on Pinterest? I'd love to see your inspirations there!

    :) Caroline

  2. Hey Caroline!

    Yep, I am on Pinterest! It's OR, just click on the "Find me on Pinterest" link in the right sidebar just below my picture.



  3. Terrific! (and totally missed that link before--thanks.)

  4. Such cute ideas and inspiration for a Thanksgiving table! It makes me wish our house was going to be done for the holiday!!