Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thanksgiving Centerpiece - Before & After

I had been on the lookout for a simple centerpiece for Thanksgiving/Fall for my table.
Our "formal dining room" is an office, so our primary dinner table (nightly *and* on special occassions) is in the kitchen eating area.  SO, my problem in the past is that I would find a lovely centerpiece/vignette, but it would be a major pain in the kiester to pick up and move every.night. for dinnertime.  So this year, simplicity was key.

I found this cornucopia over the summer on the clearance shelf at the JC Penney Home Store.  At first glance it's a little "grandma-painted-me-at-the-senior-center-ceramics-class", but I thought the shape was classic and the size was good for a simple table centerpiece.

I especially liked the deep, deep discount I found on the price tag :)
 In case you can't read it, that's $59.99 marked down to $4.97.  I believe that elicited an audible "BooYah!" from me.  In the store. OhYesIDid.

As is the case with most paint makeovers, this transformation was simple:
Clean with TSP, then add light coat of primer + 2 coats of Antique White and....
A simple, seasonal centerpiece that can withstand relocating to the buffet every night during dinner.

The leaves were from a dollar store pack and I added a simple runner from Hobby Lobby (on sale, natch ;)).  The side you see is actually the back - I wasn't crazy about the font side - it was all "Paris" painted everywhere, which isn't my style.  But I liked the striped fabric on the back, so there you go.  Still totally worth 6 bucks.  
I think a couple of rich, turned-wood holders and creamy pillar candles would look great flanking the cornucopia, but who am I kidding... that's just one more thing to take off the table every meal ;)


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  1. Don't you love paint! Your centerpiece looks so much better.