Tuesday, December 27, 2011


This baby isn't due until April, but in the meantime I am getting my craving on! :)
And, since we recently found out the gender of our little peanut, I thought I'd satisfy my sweet tooth and do a little baking to make a fun announcement for family and a couple friends.

If you're a "fancy" baker ;), you can make your cupcakes from scratch.
If you're me, buy your standard favorite white cake mix from the store.  Suits me just fine. :)
I mixed up the batter and added just 4 or 5 drops of the appropriate color (for light blue cupcakes just go easy on the blue, and for pink you'll just use a bit of red food coloring)

Bake 'em up...

  I chose whipped frosting (again, I just bought it pre-made) and added some fun sprinkles.

Kind of getting hungry again just looking at them..

 But take a bite, and you'll find out if your "boy or girl?" guess was right!
It's a GIRL!

  While a little overwhelmed at the thought of two of these

...we're still very excited and looking forward to meeting the little Miss. :)


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