Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Final Countdown...

 Well you've got about a week to get the last of those holiday packages ordered, wrapped and beneath the tree in time for Christmas - are you ready?
I'm all done except for a couple random odds and ends (I don't consider stocking stuffers for the dogs to be of paramount importance)

Don't give me that look, Newman.  Santa will come for you.  Promise.  
Good Boy.


Today I'm running down some of my favorite gifts to give - for this year and from years past - to hopefully help jog some ideas for you in case you're stumped for those final folks on your list.

I'll start with one of my 2011 favorites:
 These are cute, foldable flats that come in their own little travel pouch.
The pouch fits in my purse, and when you open it up, turns into a bag for you to toss in and carry your killer heels.

Perfect for easing sore feet from wearing heels all day, or to take with you to a holiday party; everyone politely removes their outdoor shoes so as not to track in dirt and snow, but no one really loves walking around someone else's house in their socks or stocking feet.  Here's your solution!  I carry these with me Every.Day.  They also came in super handy when I was running errands over lunch and my heel broke in the middle of the mall. Great gifts for a stocking, a sister, mom or pal.

eReaders (Kindle, Nook, etc.) are a popular gift item this year, but you can't just throw your Kindle in your purse or bag unprotected!
Head to Etsy for a ginormous selection of handmade eReader covers in hundreds of sweet fabrics and styles.

Let's just say if Santa doesn't send one of these my way this year, I'll be trotting over to Etsy to pick up one of these for myself.  So cute.

Know a baker or someone who is always in the kitchen?
Personalized Pyrex is a great gift option.

There are dozens of places online where you can order custom Pyrex and even custom lids, or you can buy the dish off the shelf at a local store, and personalize it yourself!
I have a handy DIY tutorial right HERE

Favorite hostess gift:
Rosemary Tree
I totally believe you can never go wrong with a nice wrapped bottle of wine, but I found this guy at Trader Joe's for only about $10.  A couple years ago I found them at Lowe's, as well.

They smell fantastic, and are super easy to "pretty up" with some burlap and twine or pretty ribbon around the bottom.  They're simply rosemary plants pruned to look like Christmas trees - festive to look at, and how convenient to have your own fresh herbs to snip whenever you need some?  You can even add a special ornament for the recipient for some extra flair.

Hope these got the wheels turning, and here's to the final stretch of holiday shopping!


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  1. I just bought one of those rosemary trees at Sams, they smell wonderful and my MIL loved it as bday gift!