Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry, Merry

What a week it's been!
I've been done with the shopping and the wrapping for a bit, but it seems like every day, there is "something" - you know the feeling?  Just when I think it's time to put my feet up... there's just one more little thing that needs to be done.
It's been a bit of a struggle this week.
I'm not one of those women who can "do it all" and make it look effortless.  I may accomplish everything I set out to do, but I'll do it with a messy kitchen, no makeup, and a child in mismatched clothes.  But if that really bugged me, I suppose I'd work on changing.

But I'm not worried.  Instead, I'm reveling in the "to-do" list that currently has everything checked off,
enjoying the things I love about this holiday,
and making a conscious effort to refocus

on the most important thing about Christmas.

And I'm trying not to be bitter about not having any snow.
But I'll get over it.

(He might not)

In the meantime, I am warm with love and faith and family, and feeling like all is right with the world.
And tonight, in the quiet before the [joyful] chaos, it is. 

I am content.  And grateful.

Tonight On the V Side, we're preparing to celebrate the birth of a Savior, and looking forward to the upcoming year with eyes bright with excitement in anticipation of the changes to come.

I wish you the same.

Merry Christmas!


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