Thursday, December 1, 2011

Source List: The Redhead's Room [And How I Got Half of It For FREE]

So, The Redhead's Room. 
I'm just gonna look at it some more because I'm happy with how it turned out, I've had a little girl sleeping like a champ in her big bed since the first of September (with no rails!  woohoo!) and probably most importantly,

Today's post is about how it all came together, with quality pieces on a minimal budget.  Over, you know... um, a year.  oops.

For starters, the wall color is Water Chestnut by Glidden 
(pay attention around Memorial Day.. I bought the gallon at Home Depot for $12.50!)

Trim paint is a custom Sherwin Williams match.  I took advantage of a 30% off sale and used their $10 coupon.

Onto the next stop - her bed.  We so, 100% totally lucked out and received this mega-awesome bed and nightstand from my sister.  Turns out, Mr. E is now as tall as Shaq and needed a bed upgrade.  Color us Lucky!  And grateful.
So thank you, sir, for growing exceptionally tall.  The Redhead sends her gratitude.

But the "Hey!  Here's some free furniture!" story didn't come without a few bumps in the road.  
When it came time for the big switcheroo, my brother-in-law and a neighbor brought over the bed, and we took it apart as much as we could (I can't even tell you the framework we discovered inside this bad boy.  Um, we'll just say it was well-made.  By NASA.  So we couldn't take apart the entire structure), and then it was time to try and finagle it up this tricky staircase.

The boys made a valiant effort, but no dice.  
So this is exactly where this bed sat, for 4 days while I was near tears at the thought that it wouldn't fit up the stairs.
Nice living room setup, huh? ;)
And, out of depression and solidarity, the drawers hung out pathetically in our entryway.
OK, so maybe that was out of laziness.  But whatever.
Thanks to a cool $60 and the furniture delivery crew that was bringing Mr. E's new bed, we were FINALLY able to get the bed into The Redhead's Room.
The moving crew's suggestion when they were done?  "Sell that bed with the house"  :)
Don't worry, it (and we) aren't going anywhere, anytime soon! 

You already know the story of the $15 dresser , the $5 mirror and the $10 princess chair
The small frames are from IKEA and were just $6 for the pair, and the K is repurposed from The Redhead's nursery.  The monogram on the chair was repurposed for less than $1 total, and the pillow cover on the chair cost just $3 because I had everything else on hand.
The baskets (for her books - there are actually 2 in the room) I found on craigslist for $15 for the pair.

The lamp and shade on the nightstand are also a craigslist find - this awesome lady did an entire nursery and then decided she hated it, before the baby was born.  So for $15, we scored a brand-new lamp+shade from PBK.  I love that Craig and his list! :)

I don't have a super picture of the rug, but it's a round rug from PBK.
I got lucky and found it in that "rug bin" in the store (if you have a PBK near you, you know the bargain bin!) where they sell the rugs that have hung up on display (never on the floor) for deep discount.  I could hardly believe this perfect rug was just $40!  I still believe it was mismarked, but I wasn't about to argue!

So now, here's the part where I tell you that's all I paid for in this room.
No, really.

And that's part of the reason it took me so long to accumulate all the pieces... because I was busy accumulating points.
I'll explain:

The wallflowers on the wall above her bed came from Amazon and I used Amazon gift cards earned through Swagbucks to get them for free, including shipping.

 (go HERE to get in on the swagbucks action if you're interested)

For the rest of the stuff (get ready for a long list!):
- Duvet Cover
-Euro Sham
-Standard Sham
-Sheets (2 twin sets - love those polka dots!)
-Decorative Flower Pillow
-Curtains (2 panels)
-Basket Liners (2)

I cashed in points from MyPoints for two large gift cards to Pottery Barn (which can also be used at Pottery Barn Kids).
From there, I just shopped when things were on sale and used my gift card.  And I didn't spend a DIME.
Mypoints is similar to Swagbucks in that you earn points for things like viewing and clicking on marketing emails, taking surveys, and also SHOPPING.  
Anytime I shopped online, I would go to MyPoints first, and earn points for whatever I was going to purchase anyway.  When I add up the total of what I got for The Redhead's Room for FREE, I saved $365!  I'd say it was totally worth it to me.
(If you'd like me to send you an invitation to MyPoints, just email me at or leave your email in the comments below)

So, the budget breakdown ends up at:
Furniture Moving: $60
Dresser: $15
Mirror: $5
Chair: $10
Pillow: $3
Monogram: $1
Lamp + Shade: $15
Baskets: $15
Rug: $40
Paint (wall & trim): $32.50

Grand Total: $196.50 for the entire room

And there you have what I love most about this room (other than the kiddo who sleeps in it!) :)



  1. Love, love, love! I think you'll get a kick out of this post on how one woman re-did her entire kitchen:

  2. Great job! Less than $200 is a great deal! Love those wallflowers!

  3. and if you're not a member of ebates or shopathome, please let me know--i'd love to send you my referral link.

  4. I read your blog and laughed as we have the same bed for our daughter who is 18 now. The furniture men who delivered 15 years ago said the same thing. Sell the bed with the house. Now that she is moving along next year we are thinking sell the bed or the house.

  5. Oh that is too funny!

    I told Mr. V. it's far too cute to get rid of... when The Redhead outgrows it I'm going to turn it into a daybed for an office or craft room or something... it took too much effort to get up there! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!