Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Tree for the Family V

Part II in the Christmas On the V Side story... The Tree.
Our tree is simple.  Nothing loud, overly sparkly, glittery or overdone.
It's Rustic, Muted, Natural, a little Vintage... HOME.  :)
I'm a white-light-loyalist, so that's where I start.

A little wired burlap ribbon woven in warms things up...

...and some vintage mercury glass
paired with some old-style faceted glass ornaments catch the light and add a *hint* of sparkle, without  screaming "bright metallic look at me!" ;)
(sorry this pic is a little hard to see)
The Redhead helped Dad hoist the star onto the top of the tree this year.  I love that this star combines the natural, rustic grapevine with the soft white lights throughout the rest of the tree.  Red screamed and clapped when she realized it lit up.  So cute. :)

Muted gold grapevine star ornaments and a string of garland complete the look, with a few ornaments from our childhood mixed in.

Our tree isn't huge, fancy, dripping in ornaments or blinding anyone with metallic shine.
It's simple, it's cozy, and most of all, it's HOME. :)



  1. What a pretty tree!! See everyone's decorations is really making me desperate to get some sort of decorations up before the season is over. Let's hope we get into our house in time!!!

  2. Lovely tree. I prefer white lights, also. The burlap garland is the perfect touch.