Tuesday, January 10, 2012

DIY Pennant Bunting Tutorial

Hey there!  
I'm back after a couple days off the grid, doing my civic duty (::cue Law & Order sound effect::).  All is well once again with the world. :)

Today's project is one I completed a few months ago, but just never got around to posting.
A co-worker had a sweet baby girl back in August, and we had planned a baby shower. 
Well the little cutie made an early debut, so we changed up the plans to accommodate the new Momma.
I don't have pictures of the shower because we ended up having it at work, but here's a look at the finished product:

It's far more simple than it looks - here's how to make your own:

Simply cut out same-sized triangles of the fabric you want to use.
Match them up with the "good" side facing inward.
Once they're lined up, go ahead and sew 2 of the 3 sides shut.

Take the open side, and flip your triangles inside-out, so the good side is now facing outward.
It helps at this point to run an iron over them so your seams are nice and flat.

You can use whatever you'd like for the "ribbon" part of the bunting - actual ribbon, fabric, etc.
I used bias tape, because it eliminates a couple steps for you.
Double-fold bias tape is cheap, comes in a wide variety of colors, and is already folded and flattened when you buy it.  If you'd like to use ribbon or fabric, you'll need to fold the ribbon over and iron in a crease along the fold.  For fabric with an unfinished edge, fold over twice (like the bias tape below).
From there, simply pin the open end of your triangles into the fold of the bias tape, and then sew them in.
Pinning really helps in this step, so you can adjust the spacing of the triangles however you'd like.

And that's, um, IT.
See?  I told you it was simple! :)


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  1. Very cute, thanks for the tutorial : )

  2. Very sweet Emily! Thanks so much for the tute! xo

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  4. very cute!
    you should join me for handmade 52! http://raisingoranges.blogspot.com/2012/01/handmade-52-2.html

  5. ohhh, your pennant bunting is so sweet! :) Thank you Emily for linking up to catch as catch can!