Monday, February 27, 2012

Darn Drapes - And Faking Pleats

Last spring we finished our basement, and it's been WONDERFUL to have completed.

From a decor standpoint, I'd say we're more in a "holding pattern" with the current design, until I figure out how to reconcile my design aesthetic with Mr.V's desire for "Sports!  Sports Everywhere!" without the room ending up looking like this:

or something similar.

[Am I the only gal with a husband whose idea of a "dream room" looks like a team memorabilia shop barfed all over the place?  Just me?  Hmm.  Well then.]

So until I come up with the grand scheme for the room, I needed to tackle a project that has been bugging me from day 1 - the darned drapes.

We have 2 daylight windows in the basement, which is great for letting light in.
However, on day 2 of completed construction, I discovered one of the neighbor kiddos, peering in to the [treatment-free] window.  Now, while that's pretty harmless, I thought we should probably get some window coverings up, stat, since I didn't feel like advertising this as "hey, come on in and grab these!" to people with perhaps more sinister intentions.

So, I bought some nice, simple curtains and got 'em up on that window.  Since I wasn't certain exactly *how* this room would end up, I went with white, since they would coordinate with the slipcovers I made for the couch and chair.
The curtains were nice.
And Fine.

But one thing TOTALLY bugged me...

We rarely, if ever, close this door.  So this is how it stands 99% of the time.  A lovely, painted, creamy ivory door (which isn't that dark in person, by the way.  But even so, there's still a definite difference between the two) and crisp, bright white curtains.
Maybe it's the pregnancy, but I couldn't deal.
So, out they came.  I have plans for those curtains elsewhere in the house, so not to worry.

I found these pretty drapes at Pier 1 (and they're currently on sale!) - they're the perfect blend of the blue that I've got in the pillows on the sofa and chair, and the ivory in the door and trim.  AND they're lined, which is nice when trying to keep away prying eyes.

Like most curtains, these came with the typical pole-pocket tabs on the back (which is what I used to hang the plain white ones).

 This time, though, I planned to use rings for a more tailored look.  But these curtains didn't have pleats.
No worries, just fake it.
 Simply make a nice, straight "pinch" from the outside of the fabric with your fingers.  To keep the even spacing, I just pinched right above each of the pole-tabs.  No measuring for me! :)

Then, simply clip your rings from the outside to hold the pleat together.  Done!
No sewing, no fabric fuse... perfectly faked tailored drapes. 
Well buddy, what do you think?

Yep, I like 'em too.  :)


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  1. VERY nice!!!!!! Love the pattern and I would never have thought to fake the pleats. So simple! My mother (who works in fabrication for home decorators) will love to hear this!

  2. What a difference...i love it! I love buddy too. : D
    I hope you'll come link up this great tip at my linky party. Starts tonight at 9.

  3. your basement renovation has been so awesome. It is so beautiful. Can I ask how many square feet you have in your basement. we have an unfinished basement and are getting ready to finish it and I love what you have done with yours but wonder if ours is big enough.

    1. Thanks Kristine! The finished portion of our basement is about 800 - 850 square feet. (I can't remember the exact dimensions offhand, but I definitely know that's the range). That includes the main room there, a 3/4 bath and The Redhead's playroom.

      Hope this helps. Good Luck with your own basement finish - you will love having the extra space!!


  4. Great idea, thanks for sharing! Your newest follower Tabitha@

  5. Looks great! The patterned drapes look very nice in the room, and pinch pleating them was a nice touch! Found you via skip to my lou link party. Hope you can stop my my blog. I am following you now.

  6. Those are fantastic drapes!
    (and my mans room wouldn't be sports, it would be cars, sigh)
    also, your dog is really cute! :)

  7. WOW - what a great tutorial and change TOTALLY makes a difference for the color of the door...the white was really not doing the door color any favors ;)

  8. Love the second choice. And your cheat pleats!