Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Second Time Around: Nursery Update

...I'm officially "nesting". :)

I've got roughly 8 weeks until this little girl will make her arrival, so I've been "on the clock", so to speak, with a number of projects around the house that I'd like done before the Little Miss joins the party.
One of the rather important ones on the list, is the nursery.

When we were expecting The Redhead, though we knew she was a "she", we deliberately created a gender neutral nursery.  
1) To cover our hineys in case the ultrasound tech was wrong with her proclamation of "GIRL!" and more importantly 
2) I wanted a serene space that I only had to do ONCE.  

While I've been enjoying making updates to the space, I can't see the point of doing it all again just for kicks.  But that's just me.
Since I started blogging when The Redhead was around 1, I've never posted here what her nursery looked like. 
 Here's a peek at its humble beginnings:

 Mr. V. putting together the crib.  What he doesn't know is that that side rail goes on the *other* side. :)

In reading the directions, Mr.V. read out loud "The only tool you will need for assembly is a phillips screwdriver - Sweet!"  Literally *seconds* later, "someone" stole the phillips from the floor and took off down the stairs.  I managed to snap a photo of the thief red-handed (pawed?)
[[As an aside, look how LITTLE my Newman is in this picture!  Now he's all growed up! ]]

 And what we ended up with.  It's nice, but nothing to really write home about.

This time around, I've been focusing on the details:

We kept all the furniture, bedding and wall color, and added simple drapes to the window for texture.
The crib, rocker and dresser came from a local furniture store, and the rug and bedding are from Restoration Hardware Baby & Child - European Dot in Silver Sage.. 
You can see the bumper in the "before" picture... that was just for show.  
Since I didn't end up using the bumper until The Redhead was a year old and kept getting her chubby arms and legs stuck in between the rails, I didn't bother putting it on yet at all for this one.  
But I love that bedding.

I painted the trim the same custom blend I used in The Redhead's Big Girl Room
The wall color is from Home Depot's "Fresh Aire" no VOC line, but I can't remember the name of the color offhand.  It's basically the color of chocolate milk.

Over the course of the last couple years, these frames have held baby photos, abstract art,  and come World Series time, may have held a photo or two of Yadier Molina and Albert Pujols, just to fire up the Cubs-loving Mr. V. :)
These days, I just have scrapbook paper in the frames as a place holder until/if I find something more sentimental to put in there.

 I've mentioned before that I'm just *over* floating shelves.  
And, the ones I had in this spot previously were always a little droopy - I could get them to hang straight, but not level, if that makes sense?
So, they're outta here. 
In their place, I just did a simple grouping - a sentimental photo of Newman's paw playing "whack-a-mole" on my pregnant belly when I was expecting The Redhead (he would try to "catch" the baby when it moved in my tummy - too cute!), and some easy DIY art - I made a simple alphabet chart for one, and for the large one just found an elephant silhouette online and traced it onto scrapbook paper.  
I used a sample of Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage paint, and painted the matte of the [dollar store] frame for the alphabet pic.
Done and done.

I made the pennants from scrap material I already had, including my original striped crib sheet that got snagged on the side of the crib when I was pulling it out to wash it, and tore.  Recycling! :)
I used the DIY pennant tutorial I described HERE.

 In all, I'm really pleased with how the room has shaped up... I guess now all it needs is a baby! :)


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  1. very cute! I love that elephant in the frame!

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  4. 8 weeks will be here before you know it! Your baby's room is just beautiful, so calm and peaceful looking. I love the banner and the art work. Had fun reading whack a mole in your post, don't think I've ever seen that written into a baby's nursery post before!

  5. great job!!! The bunting is adorable!

  6. HAHA - Puppy give the screwdriver back!

    The little elephant print is my fav!

  7. Congrats on your soon to be here little one. Your nursery is adorable. I would love it if you would come share at my first linky party today.

  8. What a sweet room. It's so soothing and cozy - a great space to bring baby home! Congrats, and thanks for linking up to my Room Evolution party. :-)

  9. Beautiful, love the added details for the 2nd time around! Good luck with the arrival of baby #2!
    Cathy @ Room Rx

  10. Well, I always love pennants, but I am stunned by the difference the simple panels make. Wow!

  11. Your new little one will have such a great place to call "home". :)
    The nursery looks so sweet!