Monday, February 6, 2012

So Pinteresting....

Like the great majority of you, I'm hopelessly addicted to

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I've always thought I am *reasonably* creative.  Certainly not professionally awesome, but I would settle on "able to come up with something in a pinch".
Thanks to Pinterest, I'm learning that there are some people in this world that Blow. My. Mind.

From decor to cooking to "shut the front door why didn't I think of that?!?" tips for everything under the sun, it's painfully obvious that I have so much to learn.
So thank goodness I can pin all of everyone else's ideas. :)

Today, I'm highlighting some of my favorites from the last, oh, hour or so.  [because you KNOW every time you log onto that site, you have a new favorite something or other!] :)


This kitchen is so close to perfection I might marry it.  Maybe change those pendants, but that's about it. Maybe. LOVE.

I have no idea where or when the occasion might arise for me to set up some sort of woodland dinner tryst, not to mention my recent-construction-lack-of-mature-trees dilemma, but I LOVE all the lanterns and I'd like to go here, please.  And have a meal.

I am CRAY-zee about reading nooks these days.  Working on plans for building one into The Redhead's playroom, but that's a project for post-baby-birthin'.  And the end of basketball season.

I want to live in this pantry.  I would totally do it, too.

You know how I feel about labeled closets.  Yes.Please.

Hiding the giant tub o'dog food?  Brilliant!  
Building it into gorgeous cabinetry? Priceless!
Now, what does Pinterest suggest for the slobbery pieces of food that just fall out of his mouth when he eats? :)

And then there is the FOOD, people.  I know I really don't need to explain.
These chicken & cheese lasagna roll-ups are yummy, easy, and LOOK like they are much more difficult to make than they actually are.  
Bonus points from me!!

Sopapilla cheesecake using crescent rolls.  OH. MY. WORD.  I made these this weekend I could have rolled over and died. And, it looks like Baby (yes! of course!  the BABY! ;) )  wants more, so I'll probably make them again.  Like, SOON.  :)

I could literally talk for at least a day straight about what I love about Pinterest and all the smarter-more-creative-than-me people that are out there in this world, but folks, I've got to get back to pinning. :)

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  1. Emily, you and I speak the same language. I went to BedBath yesterday to get a cereal dispenser (to make into a garbage can for the car) thanks to Pinterest. I mentioned this to the associate who helped me, and she had two things to say--that she also loooves Pinterest and that I should just go to the dollar store. :) Just spreading the Pinterest love.

  2. Ha! I Love It!

    And she's totally right... the Dollar Store is an untapped resource! :)