Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Easter Prep: Bunny Napkin Fold

Spring is "springing" early here in the Midwest, and even though I'm not hosting this year, I'm still in full on Easter mode!  I love the look of a spring table, so this holiday is a fun one to decorate for.
Last year, I went for pops of color with some natural textures on my Easter Table.

One touch that brought several compliments were the dinner napkins folded like bunnies.

I used this Bunny Fold Tutorial from Good Housekeeping - it really takes just minutes for each napkin and 's super easy to follow.

[Photo Note: the tutorial pics below are from Good Housekeeping - they are the exact pics I followed for this tutorial, so why reinvent the wheel?  Good on ya, GH.]

Step 1: Iron your napkin and lay flat
Step 2: Fold in half
Step 3: Do that again - you want a long rectangle
Step 4: Pull the right and left sides up to make a point in the center of the rectangle, and fold the ends down

Step 5: Repeat that step with the other ends
Step 6: Fold the side corners to meet in the middle, but not necessarily straight.  Pull up above the center point and you'll start to see your bunny ears start to take shape.  The napkin will start to look like a kite.
Step 7: Carefully turn the napkin over.
Step 8: Fold the bottom point up, so it rests about 1-inch above the center of the napkin.
Step 9: Turn the napkin over again.
Step 10: Roll the left side over, just past the center of the napkin.
Step 11: Fold the right side over, tucking the end 
into the pocket you created on the left side, holding your napkin together.
Step 12: Turn upright, separating the bottom a bit to form a base.  Fluff the 'ears' to fill out.

Here's where my variation differs a little bit.
I used a thicker cotton dinner napkin, so my bunnies wouldn't stay 100% upright after I made the base.
While mimosas are a staple at our Easter brunches, I thought a table full of drunken bunnies might be in poor taste.
SO, for the fix I turned down the sides to form a wider base, then tied a small piece of raffia around the middle to keep things together.  We skipped off to Sunday services and when we returned, the bunnies held up just great. :)

You may not need that extra step, but if you do, I've got your back. :)




  1. So cute. Thanks for the instructions. Just pinned this to my Easter board!

  2. luv the idea. so great!! & cute!! hopped over thanks to the "bunny blog hop" ... luv your blog. so nice to meet ya. take care. (:

  3. That is super cute. I will definitely be trying this on Easter. Thanks for sharing at the Bunny Blog Hop!

  4. I pinned this today - I used to make lotus flower folded napkins. Fun to add a different shape to the table for Spring. (:

  5. I blogged about bunny napkins this year too :)

  6. My favorite teacher folded washcloths like this for us and stuck an egg full of candy in the center. You just brought a happy memory :) Love these