Monday, May 28, 2012

V Side Favorites: House of Hepworths (HOH)

Today I'm showcasing literally one of the craftiest people I've ever "met" - Allison from House of Hepworths!  
Allison takes projects that some people (like me) would try, and they would end up looking tacky or janky or just plain cheap.  
Allison has the DIY Midas Touch and can make anything look like a million bucks!
She also knows her way around a nail gun and a miter saw and isn't afraid to take on things she's never tried before.  And THAT'S inspiring.
When you're done here, hop over to her blog and check out the Before & After pictures of her dining room makeover.  Your jaw will DROP.  And she's not even done! :)
Oh, and she's totally funny, too.  
Take it away Allison!

Hey guys! I'm Allison from House of Hepworths, a Home Blog that specializes in DIY projects and renovations, crafts, and decorating.


This is my family and me. :)

I'm super excited to be guest blogging today here at On The V Side for a few reasons.
- First off, Emily had her baby which is the best news ever!
- Also, I LOVE On The V Side and am thrilled that Emily wanted me to come say "Hey!"

Today I'm going to show you how to make your own chic custom soap pump and matching knife block, but before I begin the tutorial I start by sharing a few HoH projects that have been fan favorites. You may have even seen a few of these around pinterest.

Simply click on each picture to see the full tutorial.

My most popular post ever is for making Cupcake Cones:

My How to make a super cheap curtain rod post has the 2nd most pageviews on my blog, but the How to make curtains post has the most pins on pinterest.

And finally, another hugely popular post has been a tutorial on painting perfect lines on a wall:

Now that you've gotten to know me a little better, I want to share with you today how to turn a boring soap pump and knife block into your own chic custom accessories that all your friends will be drooling over.

For the soap pump, start with a basic Dawn pump.

After you drain all the soap out of it, wash it and remove all the stickers. Using black Spray Paint for PLASTIC give it a few good coats.

To give it a shimmery look you can spray a thin mist of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint over the black. {It's okay to paint plastic with basic spray paint after it has a base coat of spray paint for plastic}.

Once your paint is dry, add a vinyl initial to your bottle.

Fill it back up with soap and enjoy your new custom soap pump.

And now for the knife block tutorial:

Remove your knives then give your knife block a nice coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.

Tip: I like to apply Oil Rubbed Bronze, "ORB" for short, by first painting my item with basic flat black spray paint, then lightly misting the ORB on top. It saves money and also gives it a more even coat.

Once the paint is dry apply your vinyl monogram.

It's that simple. Now go enjoy your new kitchen accessories!

Congrats Emily on your new bundle of joy! We are so excited for your new addition. Enjoy your "maternity leave"! :)

(The soap pump post was initially posted here. The knife block makeover was originally posted here.)

Thanks so much Allison!  
Be sure to check out House of Hepworths - you'll be happy you did!



  1. What a fabulous idea--to paint a plastic soap bottle! Great way to inexpensively customize!

  2. Thanks Emily for having me here today!! I hope you are enjoying your maternity leave. :)

  3. Allison is a DIY and crafting diva! She's got so many great ideas that make me question "why didn't I think of that?"!