Monday, May 14, 2012

V Side Favorites: My Repurposed Life

While I'm taking some time off from house projects to get to know my new little sweetie,  I'm going to be introducing you to some of the ladies behind the blogs that inspire me.  

Today you get to know Gail, from My Repurposed Life.  I came across her blog doing an image search for reupholstered dining chairs something like 4 years ago - her blog was the *first* DIY blog I had come across, and her way with power tools and ability to literally turn trash into treasure knocked my socks off.  And, she's awful nice to boot! :)

Take a look at some of the incredible stuff she has transformed!

Hi there! I’m Gail and I blog over at My Repurposed Life

Emily is a little busy taking care of The Redhead and welcoming the new Little Miss, so I’m here to help her out.
I love to  empower folks to Do It Yourself, better known as DIY.
My Repurposed Life is your daily dose of inspiration, tutorials and giveaways.
I will help you DIY on a budget, and transform second hand finds.
My specialty is repurposing unused, unwanted items into new and useful pieces of furniture or useful items.
Grab a cup of coffee, and prepare to be inspired!
One of the most popular posts of late:
I love repurposing old shutters and/or bi-fold doors.  Shutters are not that easy to find around these parts, but bi-fold doors are a dime a dozen at the curb.  For this project, I cut the bi-fold in half, then removed every other slat in order to make room to hold the magazines.
One of my recent favorites:
lingerie chest1
That poor old desk sat unwanted and unused in the basement for almost 20 years.  (sad but true)  I took it apart and stacked the one set of drawers on top of the other, added some trim on the top, and some feet on the bottom. voila! 

An all-time favorite that is really easy:
candlestick birdbath
While thrifting, I found a gynormous candlestick.  I immediately thought “birdbath”.  I love watching birds, and I always have plenty of fresh water for them.  I originally used a deep lid to a pot. The next year I went with an enamel lid.  It still sits in my flower bed from Spring through Fall.
Need some inspiration around the home? Here are my two favorites:
After living in this house nearly 35 years, I decided to change up the fireplace that I never really liked.  I don’t use the fireplace, but I certainly wasn’t going to rip it out of the house. I used some Luan to give a new façade to some of the brick, while painting the rest of the fireplace with a fresh coat of white paint. I painted the firebox black. I built out a new mantel and hearth, and trimmed it all out with some small trim. I told you I DIY on a budget-I did this makeover for less than $150.00

Giani Granite
My kitchen is naturally dark with only one small window.  I painted the cabinets and replaced the hardware. I couldn’t afford to replace the floor or the counter tops, so I painted them.  I also added some board and batten for a backsplash.  Another great makeover on a very small budget. Someday, I’ll update the appliances.

I  hope I have inspired you to take on a new challenge, think outside the box, or at least save something from the landfill.
Thanks a bunch Emily for allowing me to take over your place for a day!  I wish you all the best, and I can’t wait till you’re back at it showing off your projects! (and that new precious bundle of joy)

(See, I told you she was talented AND nice!)
Thanks so much Gail for stopping by!



  1. Happy to be here! :) I sure hope you're getting some rest!

  2. Im so inspired to redecorate my kitchen. Thanks for the insights.