Thursday, June 28, 2012

Beachy Bathroom Updates

I didn't take on any super major projects while I was home on maternity leave, but I did use the time to get some little updates that have been on my to-do list for a while, out of the way.
Top o'the list was getting the guest/Redhead's bathroom upstairs finished.
The 'bones' work has been complete for a while, but I've been needing just a couple small additions to officially call it "done".
For now, anyway. ;)
Finally, I can check it off the list...

The first thing I did, and the biggest change, was to replace the bright white shower curtain with this warm ivory one.  I love the original waffle-weave curtain, but the bright white was fighting with my ivory wall and the more I looked at it, the more it bugged me.
I found this simple ruched ivory one and was reminded of some of the beautiful ruffled curtains from Anthro. this season.

It's hard to tell in the pictures, but you can see the difference in the colors between the white of the tub/shower, and the ivory in the wall treatment and shower curtain.  Having the ivory now make up the majority color makes things much more cohesive. I'm sleeping better now. :)
I found these plaster shell casts at Target and knew they'd be perfect for the wall above the commode.
But once again, I needed a warm white instead of the bright white they came in.

Not to worry - a couple coats of Navajo White and they were up on the wall looking just as good as I thought they would.

The final touch was this fun rug, also found at Target.
It's super soft, and the gray is just the right shade.

The only thing left on my list for this room is to replace the "temporary-fix-that-somehow-lasted-5-years" tension rod with an actual metal shower rod.  And THEN, I'll finally be done in there!



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  1. Beautiful! I'm all about beachy myself lately and this post called to me. I hate that overly beachy beachy look (you know what I'm talking about), and this is more of the subdued, coastal look that I adore. LOVE the coasters!! I may have to make a trip to Target today......

  2. Coasters.....I mean the casts.

  3. This is the perfect amount of beachy!!! I LOVE the shower curtain!!! Found you at the link party at LittleKnickKnacks blog. I just posted a new tutorial on curtain panels if you want to check out my blog!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  4. Just saw where you made drop cloth curtains too!!!! Yours look great!!!

  5. Emily--it's amazing how different those plaques look after you tone them down! 100% better!
    The bathroom looks great! My bathroom is next on the list to do later this summer.

    take care!

  6. Pretty accents, Emily! What a beautiful bathroom!

  7. Just stumbled on this....
    What's the paint color?
    Love it and your blog!!!

    1. Hey, thanks! :). The color is Mindful Grey by Sherwin Williams.