Monday, June 11, 2012

V Side Favorites: Full of Great Ideas

Continuing our V Side Favorites series, today I'd like to introduce you to Stephanie, from Full of Great Ideas.  If you haven't stopped by her blog, you need to.
I honestly can't remember when or how I first came across her blog, but I responded to her call for guest bloggers earlier this year.  I was shocked to find out that she was not only happy to have me as a guest blogger, but she also already followed On the V Side!  
That was A) super duper flattering and B) totally coincidental - small world, right?

Anyhow, I am in awe of Stephanie's frugalista mojo.  
She and her family take one month out of the year and do a 100% zero-spend-on-non-essentials.
An entire MONTH!  
AND, she still comes up with super cool projects, even when she's not spending a dime.
Y'all know I'm impressed. :)

Without further ado... take it away Stephanie!

*          *          *

Hi, I am Stephanie, the frugalista responsible for the Full of Great Ideas blog.
When Emily asked if I would be interested in guest posting at 'On the V Side' while she focuses on her new little one, I immediately said yes.
I absolutely love her blog and am thrilled to share a few of my favorite ideas with all of you. I hope you like them and can recreate some yourself.
So, thank you Emily for this wonderful opportunity.

Full of Great Ideas is dedicated to sharing inexpensive, simple and frugal home decor and craft ideas. I pride myself on saving money by upgrading my builder grade house on a dime, making most of my gifts, re-purposing things you can find around your house and by finding a cheaper way to recreate things that normally cost a lot of money for a fraction of the price.
In fact, I have created almost 40 unique gifts all for under $30.

Birth Announcement/Wedding Art Tutorial

The first idea that I thought I'd share, is something that almost all of us can use to create an extremely reasonable but personal gift idea. I have created a step by step tutorial on how to make your own Birth Announcement/Wedding Date Art. I also provide a link to where you can find the numbers for free! It costs $0 to design, under $1 to have printed and a few dollars to frame. So for next to nothing you can create a great gift for a baby shower, wedding shower, anniversary, wedding...the possibilities are endless. If you do not want to make this yourself, you can leave a comment and I will send you a template.

Frame Large Mirrors

The second idea I wanted to share with you was my solution to those big builder grade mirrors we are all plagued with in our homes. I framed both our large mirrors with cheap trim and some crown molding.  It took us a few hours and around $30 each, and we had amazing transformations.

$0 Budget Month

Emily guest posted on my site for this year's $0 Budget month. Once a year my family and I spend a full month not spending any money on non-essentials, and by essentials I mean only fresh fruits and veggies, dairy product, etc. For 31 days we could not step foot in a Dollar Store, home decor store and craft store! I did not spend a dime on crafts, clothing and home decorating. We have done this challenge two years in a row and are amazed at how easy it is and how much money we save.
So out of this came a full page on my blog of $0 craft ideas. There are some pretty big idea and some small ones too.  

Here is one of my personal favorites $0 budget ideas, a stair basket I made out of an old cardboard box and covered with some leftover fabric.
I want to thank Emily again for this opportunity and hope you will come over to Full of Great Ideas to see some of the other frugal ideas I have!

I hope to see you soon,

Thanks Stephanie for stopping by!!!



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