Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Hot Mess.

You said it, Newman.

OK, so it hasn't necessarily been to hot to blog, but I have about 17 projects currently in a holding pattern because of the extreme heat and humidity we've been getting hammered with here in the midwest over the past several weeks.
I have project ADD and started a bunch of stuff, but everything seems to have some element that needs to be painted or stained, or both!
And when it's 105 degrees (no joke) with a heat index of 112, AND it's humid?  It's kind of pointless to take something out to try and stain.  Or paint.
Not to mention I'd be sweating profusely and meh, I'm not so much a fan of that. :)

Soon I'll have a preview for you of some of the stuff I'm working on, so you can see my "house-of-a-thousand-half-baked-projects".
Oh and did I mention that we're having company next weekend for CB's baptism and my house is a wreck?
Or that instead of taking this weekend to finish up house projects and make the place presentable for guests, we're heading up to the lake?
And have I just demonstrated my incredible [non]prowess in decision-making and time-management skills?  Clearly.  ;)

Be back soon with a sneak peek of two room redos that I'm super excited about.
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Stay Cool!


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