Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be Bold. Be Brave. And Change is Good.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.
I’d like to believe I’m a creative person, but when it comes to certain areas, my sense of flair, risk and that creativity goes out the window.  Paint my walls a bold and risky color? 
No problem.
Take that same risk when painting my lips or toes? 
No way. 
There’s a level of comfort I have in my ability to dress a room, vs. my ability to dress myself – makeup and fashion have always been a bit of an enigma for me.  So, when Revlon approached me to take part in their Revlon Expression Experiment, I knew this would be a great exercise for me. 
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This campaign is all about inspiring women around the world to step out of their comfort zone, be brave, take a risk and express themselves.  For my part, Revlon sent me a package of fun new products to not only review, but to challenge myself in with.  From the colors in my home to the colors on my face, I’m a straight neutrals kind of gal.  So I was a little concerned when I took a closer look at the color palette of the products they sent.
Candy blues?  YELLOW eye shadow?
Orange nail polish?
What did I get myself into???
After a lot of hemming and hawing, I dove in and went for the eye shadow
I chose the smoky grays (and YELLOW!) in the “Bombshell” group.  I wondered how in the world I was going to apply these totally-not-me colors.
I’m one of those people who goes for “Smokey” and ends up with “Clown,” so I was a little nervous.  BUT!  Then I noticed that the kind people at Revlon threw those of us makeup-inept folks a bone and provided an idiot-proof application guide. 
Now THAT was easy! 
I was surprised, the yellow highlight wasn’t cartoony at all – in fact, I felt pretty put together.
In addition to the eye shadows, I tried the nail polish and took the Red Lipstick Challenge.  The Redhead and I had fun adding the bright orange to our toes.  I know I’m usually guilty of skipping a base coat, but it really does make a difference. 
And about the Red lipstick Challenge.  I know the point – the point was to do something daring, out of your comfort zone and just go for it.  I get it, and I applaud it.  But those lipsticks and gloss were RED. 

And I am a fair-skinned strawberry blonde with freckles.  And let’s just say that rather than rocking that red lipstick to the grocery store or to work and feeling like a star…  I stayed in the bathroom and looked like a hussy. : )  NOW.  I will say that I loved the buttery smooth feel of the lipstick and liked that it didn’t bleed or dry out my lips.  But the color just wasn’t for me. 
I was also a huge fan of the Photoready primers – both for face and for eyes – that they sent. 
I have a very uneven skin tone and this made everything so smooth and even… I barely needed any foundation at all.
Overall, I was impressed by the quality of the makeup itself, and I applaud Revlon for challenging women to break out of their comfort zone and express themselves as strong and confident.
To learn more about the Revlon Expression Experiment visit their Facebook hub at - post your own experssions, and tell me about them, too!
Change is good :)

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