Monday, July 9, 2012

It's Just Paint...

I'm a total believer in the power of paint - in my opinion it's the single easiest, lowest-risk way to transform a room.
While there are bigger, riskier plans on the horizon for my kitchen, this isn't one of them.
However, even I was surprised at how much depth (and fun! :) ) this simple addition made to the room.
This wall off the kitchen is painted the same color as the rest of the room.  I love the color, but with our open floor plan and with the kitchen/eating area devoid of any real architectural interest, I needed to somehow create some depth somewhere in there.  This little mini-hallway seemed the perfect spot. 

In this wider picture, you can see where the wall sits in the overall floor plan.  The doorway with the open door is the bathroom.  Directly to the left is the Laundry Room.  To the right is the door to the garage.

All it took was a couple hours one afternoon while CB napped - I updated the trim, and gave the wall a nice even coat of chalkboard paint. 

The black paint makes for a striking contrast with the more neutral kitchen, the light and warm white trim makes it stand out, and the chalkboard element adds a little fun.
My focus group has given the seal of approval :)

The best thing about this project after my satisfaction with the way it looks is that IT'S JUST PAINT.
It took only minutes to paint this small wall, I made zero monetary investment because I already had the paint on hand, and it made a big impact. 
But if I wake up one day and decide I hate it?  It's just a few more minutes to paint over it again.  Risk-free.
And THAT is the power of paint. :)


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  1. Gorgeous, Emily -- and that's coming from someone who *can't*stand* chalkboard anything! I wish I could have a wall-sized dry erase board. More likely, when we have a house of our own, I'll install a corkboard wall somewhere in the kitchen.

  2. Love this!! I have seen walls painted in chalk paint, and always said I would love to have one of my own. This is a great idea, and now I think I know the perfect wall for it. The black makes the color on your wall in the kitchen stand out more as well. Great job.

  3. Saw this on Skip To My Lou. It looks great! I think it's just the right touch. Amazing what a tiny pop of color can do.

  4. Just adds so much PAZAZZZZZZ!!! Lovin the simple contrast:))Nicely done!

  5. How cool! That is so neat. THanks for sharing. My children would love a chalk board...

    I am your newest follower from DIY Parade. Love for you to stop by and return the follow. Also hosting Mom's Monday Mingle. Love for you to link up. Over 150 mom blogs. Love for you to join the fun ;)

  6. I love chalkboard walls and that's the perfect wall space! Great job! Thanks so much for sharing! ;)

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