Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let There be [More] Light!

Nothing gets by you guys. :)

Several astute readers pointed out to me that they noticed a little somethin' somethin' extra in my post about the chalkboard wall in my kitchen.
Yep, I finally got my pendant lights!

Happy Birthday to Me :)

And also yes, I'm totally the nerd who asks for electrical work for a birthday gift :)

We also added a 3rd pendant over the sink, which I love, and had them all put on dimmers to give even more flexibility in "setting the mood," haha.

The lights themselves I got here, and we hired out for the electrical work.  While Mr. V. did a great job on the electrical work when he finished the basement, there is a big difference between doing electrical from scratch where you can see all your options in front of you, and opening up/adding to existing work where you never know what could be behind those walls.  In the latter case, we feel it's best to call in a pro.
I've watched enough Holmes on Holmes to not take any chances. ;)

I love the end result, and the lights totally add an element of texture to the room and help break up the cavernous space above.  I love our high ceilings, but without something like lights to break things up, it just looked a little too open.

Now I just need to replace the light over the kitchen table.
 What we have now is definitely an upgrade from the awful builder light that the house started with when we moved in:

 But the styles between the pendants and the chandelier now are fighting a leetle bit..

See what I mean?

I think I'd like a large, single drum pendant over the table with some natural texture on the shade to complement the simple glass of the island pendants.

My love for lighting appears to have a snowball effect :)
The search continues!



  1. Ohhh love the pendants!!! Now that I'm seeing the before and after, you are so right about them breaking up the expanse of the tall ceilings. Our home is almost completely open downstairs with 9ft ceilings and I always tell hubby it feels like I'm living in a cave. We've got wiring for pendants above the island, but, as with everything else, I am too indecisive to figure out what I want.....ex: paint, couches, appliances,

  2. Love your pendants would you be willing to share where you found them? Thank you!

  3. Oops! I read your earlier post and I see they are from Pottery Barn, they're gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful kitchen and very interesting post. I loved your blog and post

  5. What color paint is on your walls?

    1. Hi Amanda! The wall color is Windsor Greige (Sherwin Williams)

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