Monday, July 2, 2012

A Little Love for the Landing

Today's post is a quick one...
just another small update I made while on maternity leave.

On the second floor of our house, we don't have the traditional long hall of rooms on either side. 
Instead, you're greeted with a large landing and the 4 bedrooms and the guest bathroom surrounding you.

The master is straight ahead, then counter-clockwise is the Nursery to the immediate left, then the bathroom, then The Redhead's room
The Guest Room is around the corner to your right when you come up the stairs.  So, between the master and the guest room, there is a big, blank wall that I've always struggled with.

For a long time, it looked like this:

Each of these individual elements I love:
- Beautiful vases from my sister-in-law?  Check
-Gorg newborn pics of The Redhead (::sniff::)? check
-Cool 3-D artwork?  Also check.

But together... meh. 
They just weren't working for me.
I took the wallflowers down and used them in The Redhead's Big Girl Room.

The pictures moved to the master bedroom, where some even bigger changes are currently underway.

The vases I left there.  The color, size and shape are perfect for this space. 
I just changed up the rest:

First, I updated the trim with my favorite warm white/ivory.  I should have taken pictures of the doorways with the paint update - it's crazy what a difference it makes!
I moved in a chest of drawers that had come with me to college, then got a makeover with paint and new pulls and spent some time in the guest room before moving into the hallway. 
The mirror is a $9 flea market find that originally I was going to paint, but for now I am really loving it in its sassy brassy glory.  The scale is large, but for now I like the size-play going on.
The industrial V is from Restoration Harware.

And that's the quick and dirty of the new look on my new landing.
It's amazing what you can accomplish during naptime, no? :)


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