Monday, August 13, 2012

Grow Your Own Succulent Garden

I love having plants around the house, but I'm not super at keeping them alive.
AND, it can get rather pricey replacing them time and again.
Ask me how I know. :)

So, I learned how to take advantage of the "survivors", haha, and get the most out of my plant budget.
Succulents are on-trend in decorating right now 
(isn't it funny that a plant can be a trend?  A few years ago it was orchids, last year tables made from tree stumps were all the rage, now it's succulents and small cacti. At least these are easy to get and easy to take care of! :) ).

They've been popping up everywhere this summer:

West Elm
Better Homes & Gardens


I found this sweet one at Trader Joe's for around $6.
After a few days, I noticed my plant had a buddy. (see him sprouting off the back left side?)
I knew that soon he'd start to crowd the original plant, and I didn't want it to die.
Plants do enough dying on my watch as it is.

Thanks to the magic of Google, I learned that you can easily transplant cuttings taken from succulents and they'll thrive on their own.

They need to be left out of soil for a bit for the cut ends to heal.
So, my window sill looked like this for a few days...

Then I gave the little guy a nice new home of his own!
I'm going to let him get rooted here on the windowsill, then will take him to a new spot in the office.

Easy, cute, FREE. :)


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  1. This is super helpful! Did you use anything special in your soil when you re-planted it to help its growth?