Thursday, August 16, 2012

Master Bedroom Makeover: Breakdown

Bear with me today, and prepare yourself for a looooong post.
These are all the details that were missing from the original master bedroom reveal, so hopefully I've answered all the questions you've been sending me.

Once I had my vision set for the room, I knew that I wouldn't be able to afford what I wanted if I went out and tried to buy everything at once.
Or, I would have to settle for something I didn't love or that was of lesser quality and I wasn't willing to do that.  So, I made a list of what I was looking for, turned on a healthy dose of patience, and got to work.  I'd say I've been collecting pieces for this room for the greater part of a year.

Let's start with the focal point of the room, and my very favorite part, the bed!
It makes me smile every time I see it, and yes, it's as comfy and fluffy as it looks. :)

I chose white for several reasons:
1) An all-white bed always makes me feel like I'm staying in a hotel
2) I don't have to worry about the sunlight from the window bleaching it like my previous bedding - it's already bleached!
3) The room seems so much larger and more open.  I really love how light the space feels now.
4) I can change the entire look of this bed a thousand times and never have to fork over big $$ for the staple pieces again.  Just changing up a couple pillow covers gives things a whole new look, which is great for someone with design ADD like me.  And my wallet. :)

I didn't buy a pre-made "bed in a bag" because I wanted a more "collected over time" look, and I really enjoy mixing textiles:
The duvet and bed skirt are PB, but I scored them new in the packaging on craigslist from a girl who bought them new then realized she had purchased the wrong size and was unable to take them back.  Lucky score!

The rest of the pillows:
 The euro shams are from Overstock.
The ticking stripe pillows are actually the pillows that came with my sofa.
The yellow printed pillow is the Josie Kalamkari pillow cover from Pottery Barn.. it basically kick-started this entire room redo.
The blue pillow with jute trim came from TJ Maxx.  Or Marshalls?  I can't remember, but those two stores have basically the same inventory..
I made the  blue paisley pillow cover by sewing together dinner napkins/table cloth.

Simply adding curtains makes a world of difference in a room - they add texture and depth, and it's really easy to do.  These are actually tablecloths that I spotted at TJ Maxx.  I loved the pattern and knew the colors would complement the Josie pillow perfectly.

Each panel is one tablecloth.  I found a set of dinner napkins in the same print and used them to make 2 toss pillow covers (one on the bed, above, and the other for the chair in our little bedroom sitting room) 

The wooden sunburst over the bed is actually a mirror.. minus the glass.
I found it in the clearance section at Gordman's.

The glass had broken in transit and they had marked it 80% off for the frame.

I loved the texture and originally thought about making my own mirror to put in it, or painting the frame, but once I got it home the rich wood grain really spoke to me.

So, I took out the backing, left it as-is, and I really love how it fills the space above the bed without being heavy or too clunky.

There are still a few more touches and tweaks I'd like to make, like wall-mounting the tv (yes, we're tv-in-the-bedroom people.  Unapologetically.), and adding some pep to the little sitting room to the right of the windows that you really can't see here.
And, this is one of the last rooms in the house where I have yet to update the trim.
I'll be glad when that project is finished!

(Told you that was gonna be a long one! :) )


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