Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Corn Husk Wreath [tutorial]

It's September!
And that means I can finally do what I've been jonesing to do since mid-July:
decorate for Fall! ;)
This year I'm feeling a little more low-key in the fall decor department than in years past,
but the mantle for sure needed a little TLC.
We have a row of three square windows that sit above the Giant Mantle of Doom,
and I knew just what I wanted to hang in front of them.

I love the look of a corn husk wreath for fall (well DUH, people... I'm in IOWA. :) )
They are beautiful and structural, and shockingly easy to make.
Here's how:

Your supplies:
- 1 package of corn husks (I found mine at the grocery store in the produce section.  They're used for making tamales.  Or wreaths. :) )
- Foam wreath (I got mine at the Dollar Store)
- Straight pins.  I already had these but you can find them cheap at any fabric or craft store.

First, take the corn husks out of the package and separate them (they'll be all layered and bunched together).
Soak them in water for about 10 minutes or so (give or take) so that they're pliable, not crunchy.

After soaking, tear into strips that are about one or two inches wide.  
These need not be precise... just ballpark the size.

Start pinning.
I would stack 4 or five pieces together on one pin.
The more you add, the more full your wreath will be in the end.

Once you've covered the circle, you'll want to do a row along the inside to cover up your handiwork.
Pin it in the middle, like this..

Then bend the husk over the main part and tack it down.

Let it dry overnight, and it will fluff up and curl, which gives it the structure and character I love.
Hang 'er up, and there you go.  
BOOM.  :)

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  1. that wreath looks great!

    I would like to let you know about a new Craft Party,

    I would love to see your creations linked up with Crafty Tuesday

    Every week I will choose few tutorials and they will be featured on my blog and my facebook, twitter and pinterest page

    I hope to see you link up


  2. This turned out great! What a good idea--you can find those corn husks at any grocery store; I just never would have thought to use them for crafts! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Perfect for fall, and just the right price :) Thank you for sharing with us!