Thursday, September 27, 2012

String-Free Sweet Corn

It's officially fall, and with fall comes the harvest.
I live in IOWA, people - and that means it's prime sweet corn season!

My opinion is 100% biased, but the world's best sweet corn comes from Iowa.
We are big fans of it at my house - no fancy seasoning,
just a little bit o'butter and let the flavor speak for itself.

But while we love to EAT the golden goodness, cooking it was always an eyeroll-inducing hassle for me.
Shucking the corn within an inch of its life always took more time than I was willing to spend, and I could never for the life of me get all those darned silk strings out of there - I would be picking them out of my teeth for the next 24 hours. Hate that.
And THEN, in order to boil it all at once, you'd have to break out the giant pot that was a pain in the kiester to clean.
Not anymore!
Thanks to a heads up from my pops, I've learned that you can get the same super sweet corn flavor, but faster, no shucking, and SILK-FREE!
Sign me up!
Even though I'm pretty sure I'm the last midwesterner alive to
figure this out, I'm sharing the knowledge.

The key?
Yep, that's my style of cookin'.

Here's the simple 1-2-3:

Don't forget the hot pad or some sort of protection for your hands - it will be HOT!
The silk strings will slide right off with the husk.  Amazing!

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  1. AWWWWESOMMME!!!! I cut the end off per Pinterest instructions and it got a big fat thumbs down, but nowhere was it mentioned you had to microwave it!! I am going to give this way a shot. Thanks for the CORRECT instructions!