Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Catching Up...

Well Hey There!

It’s happened again… one of those times where it looks like I’m not doing anything… but in truth, behind the scenes, I’m as busy as ever!  In honor of the upcoming election, here’s a State of the Union from here On the V Side…

No 7-Year-Itch Here!

Mr. V and I celebrated our 7th anniversary!  7 seems to be lucky so far… this year we were blessed with the perfect addition to complete our family, we are healthy, we are happy…. He’s a pretty great partner in crime and workshop assistant, if I do say so myself. ;)  
 We celebrated with dinner at a “grown-up” restaurant downtown, cocktails afterward, and grandma and grandpa held down the fort with CB and The Redhead.  
 Life is pretty darn good.

Guest Room
I feel like this room has come so far… but I’m just waiting on a few details before a big reveal.  Right now I’m getting ready to hang curtains and hardware, and am waiting on a rug.   

I have a little pop of color and sass to add to Blue Betty, need to hunt for a couple bedding odds and ends, and am hoping for some divine inspiration about what to put over the bed.  That spot is always a tough one for me…But Soon!  Promise!

 2012 really has been the Year of the Kitchen!  Oh Mylanta it’s a sight these days. 
Remember when I set out my goals for 2012, and all I wanted was to daydream about refacing my kitchen cabinets?
Well I found more than a little courage and now I‘m up to my eyeballs in disorganization, cabinet doors and paint! YEP! :) 

(Here's a sneak peek but don't let the picture fool you... it's cropped because the rest of my kitchen is a Disaster with a capital D!)  ;)

 My mojo came in the form of this little princess rolling over. 

It dawned on me that once she started crawling, this project would be just about impossible, since it involved removing cabinet doors (behind which are non-baby-safe and breakable things) for extended periods of time.  So, it was time to cook or get out of the kitchen, so to speak.  I’m light years from the finish line but am so far loving the results.

And judging my the number of emails I’ve gotten asking about my process for painting trim, I’ve decided to put together a post about my method – hopefully that will answer any lingering questions about priming (yep, it’s necessary!), what paint to use, how to wrangle the carpet, etc.  That will be coming soon.

See? I told you I’ve been busy! :)

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