Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No Pics of Peeps in the Potty [Bathroom Decor]

I recently attended one of those in-home parties at a friend-of-a-friend's house.  
After catalog browsing, noshing on some yummy snacks and a glass of wine, I excused myself to go to the 'loo.  Thinking I was alone, I went ahead to relieve myself when I stopped short.
Why, you ask?
I looked up and found the homeowner's husband staring at me!
No, he wasn't there in the bathroom, but he might as well have been.

From a collage of family vacation photos on the wall, there he was, grinning happily, seemingly watching whomever the poor soul would be to step up and have a seat.

And it gave me the willies.

So, consider today's post to be my position paper on the Perils of Putting Pictures of People in the Potty.
(I love alliteration :) ) 

It's rare that I'll come out here on this blog and tell someone they "should" or "shouldn't" do this or that to their home. (Well, unless we're talking about which way the flat sheet goes
Why?  Because it's THEIR home.  And really, no one should be making design choices based solely on what *I* think.  If you want pictures of your family or friends in your bathroom, then by all means, do it. 

But please, at least just take into consideration the thoughts/feelings of your guests who may "visit" that room:

1) "What are YOU lookin' at?"
It's unnerving to be doing such a personal thing, and feel like someone is watching.  I don't care if you're the world's cutest kid, or the happiest guy on the planet smiling at his prize 14-pound bass--Avert your eyes, buddy, 'cause I'm workin' here.

2) Who really wants to be relegated to the walls of the place where you do your business?
("John and Susan are on the mantle, but honey you and I got relegated to the dumper.")

3)  It's still creepy even if the people in the pictures are people you don't know, like people in art print photos. 
In fact, it might even be worse if a STRANGER is watching me pee.  AWKWARD....

 There is just too much good art and wall decor out there begging to be bought or made and enjoyed, that it doesn't make sense to invade personal space with pictures of your loved ones.
Show 'em off in the living room or the office, and leave your guests to do their business without the watchful eyes of your friends and family. :)

 Take a look at these bathrooms... beautiful artwork, and no one staring back at you...

 See?  It can be done :)

As you were.

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