Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Table + Chalkboard Table Runner

Last Saturday we hosted Mr.V's enormous family for Christmas and had a great time.

I had camera issues that day, so the only snaps I got of my table all put together are crappy shots from my phone.  And they won't load properly into blogger, so pfffft.  Whatever.

I got a few more the next day, but it just isn't the same without the table settings.
But, you get the gist. 

The cylinders and floating candles are left over from our wedding in 2005, haha.  Recycling at its finest! :)

 The branches in the water were clipped from our dogwoods out front - I love the bright red pop of color they give things!
The greenery is just mixed from stuff we have growing in the yard.. there are trimmings from arborvitae, spruce and a little cedar trimmed from an arrangement I had inside.  I added in some faux berry sprigs for some additional color.

A little mercury glass sprinkled in for sparkle...
I just used (surprise, surprise) a canvas drop cloth (6 x9) as a table cloth.  It looked perfect and natural, and held up great!

But one of my favorite elements was the table runner.

It's the most simple thing ever - Chalkboard Oilcloth.
(I couldn't find it in a local fabric store, so I ended up ordering it from here)
It's basically fabric, with a chalkboard finish on one side.
You can sew it if you want, or just cut it and leave the edge unfinished (what I did).  The oilcloth won't fray so you get a nice, clean edge. 
I originally planned to sew a burlap backing onto it, but I didn't like the way it was looking so I scrapped that idea and just left it on its own.  I loved the look

From there, I took chalk ink markers and bordered the edges with scripture from the Christmas Story.

It made for a great backdrop to our simple, natural table... and when it was all over, I just wiped it clean!

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  1. Finally think I'm following you now - yay for me! LOVE your ideas! Wish I had your talent!

  2. Correction, this is Cristal, not Brad as it's showing. Guess it's time to update our gmail setttings. ;)

  3. You didn't mention my favorite part of this setting... Using a tree ring for a charger! I LOVE your entire setting. Very simple, and put together. It looks great!