Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Custom Photo Chalkboard Gift Tags

I love wrapping Christmas presents.  It's arguably one of my favorite things about the holiday.
I love making packages pretty, and each year trying to add a little something "special" to each gift.

This year, instead of a regular old "To: / From: " sticker on each present, I wanted to add photo tag.  AND, I wanted to make it something the recipient could use again, even after the present was unwrapped.

If you know me and my chalkboard obsession (here, here, and here) then you know exactly where this is going. :)

I started out with these pre-cut wooden tags from Hobby Lobby (I think you can find at most crafty stores, though)

I printed out pictures of the people who would be receiving gifts from us.  You can print them in color, but in my personal opinion the black and white turned out the best.
Here's a tip:
Insert your jpeg images into a Word document before printing.  In word, you can click and drag the corners to easily size your image, AND you'll be able to fit several on a page.  This will save you a BUNCH of paper.
Also, print your images on regular computer paper, not photo paper.  Photo paper is too thick, and you will want the flexibility of the thinner paper.  And then you won't have to waste your photo paper, either.

Once your images are printed, simply trace the outside of the tag you want to use and cut out the image to fit.

Then you...

Once they're dry, paint the back side with chalkboard paint.
(I totally forgot to take pictures of this part.. D'Oh!  But use your imagination.. I mean, it's not rocket science or anything : ) )

Use Chalk Ink markers so your "from: " message doesn't smear, but can be easily wiped off with water by the gift recipient later.

I used the drill to widen the holes on the pre-cut tags so I could use jute to tie my tags on, rather than ribbon, but what you use is really up to you.

Tie onto your package, and you have a totally custom tag that your giftee can use for anything later - an ornament on the tree, or with the chalkboard backing, they can use it as a personal basket label, whatever!

Merry Tagging!

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  1. Love how these add a personal touch and look great too!

  2. What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing. Another project to add to my list of things to do . . . Patti

  3. i love this idea! what sweet and special tags!

  4. Love this idea! I just made chalkboard/scrabble tile ornaments...maybe I can add this piece to my project :) Tks for sharing!

  5. these are super cute! and so meaningful!! Thank you so much for linking up to our party!

  6. What a creative idea and I'm sure your family will keep them and treasure them!

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  8. Wonderful chalkboard gift tags you have there! Thanks for sharing your creativity.