Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday House Tour 2012

So things are busy here...
But it's Christmas!

And Christmas has arrived On the V Side.

So while I'm getting ready to host the Family V for our Christmas celebration this weekend, here's a look at how things look for the holidays this year.
And, because I'm busy and let's face it, a little lazy--this will be a post of many pictures, few words.  You're welcome.  ;)

 Our natural, woodsy tree..

I didn't really change much of anything this year.
And I'm totally fine with that.
Lots of natural elements, with touches of mercury glass here and there.
Looks pretty at night, too..... but of course I forgot to take night pics.
I rule.

Things are festive in the kitchen, too.


We have company coming soon... looks like I need more wine. ;)

 That pretty much sums it up...
The fresh holly branches came from Trader Joe's, and I love their bright color.
The leaves are beautiful and the red berries really pop!

Say hello to the easiest centerpiece ever...
Pinecones the kids gathered in the yard.. greenery clipped from outside... string of wooden beads...
Shove it in a bowl.
End of scene.

The office is pretty much exactly the same...
Hey, if it ain't broke, right? ... ;)

This is the other side of the living room opposite the tree.
Gotta have the Little People nativity representing at Redhead-Level. 

This paper garland took literally 7 minutes to make out of twine and some old book pages.
It's easily one of my favorite things to put up.
I like easy. :)

So there you have it!

I apologize for no wide pictures of the kitchen, but they're coming soon enough...
I am FINALLY done with my kitchen cabinets and didn't want to spoil the reveal
(Can I get a woot woot?)

Coming soon!
In the meantime, Merry Christmas, y'all.
(Ha!  I totally said "y'all")

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  1. Love all of your holiday touches! We have a lot of the same tastes!


  2. Beautiful. Like all your blackboards...I've been having fun with Chalkboards this year too.
    Happy Day