Sunday, December 30, 2012

Top Posts of 2012

I’m not sure where the year went, but by golly it’s nearly 2013!

In honor of the end of the New Year, it's been fun for me to look back on posts from this year, and see what projects got YOUR wheels turning the most.  

Instead of a month-by-month recap (I'm too lazy for that today), check out the most popular posts from The V Side in 2012.  
Who knows, there may have been something you missed!

In no particular order....

Nailhead Trim Corkboard [Ballard Inspired]

 Laundry Room Before & After

Bunny Napkin Fold Tutorial [Easter]

Beachy Bathroom Makeover


 DIY Corn Husk Wreath

Custom Photo Gift Tags

Ballard-Inspired DIY Wreath

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

If I haven't said it enough, then shame on me.  So thank you, THANK YOU for continuing to stop by.
Thanks for your feedback, your kind comments, your encouragement, and for coming back over the past year.  I'm very grateful, and I'm looking forward to another year of blogging with you!

See you in 2013!

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