Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DIY Photo Table Runner

There are lots of benefits to having an older sister.  When you’re younger, you have a role model, someone to hand you down cool clothes, the older kids say hello to you in the halls at school because they know your sister… and let’s face it – you have someone to copy.
Well when you get older, those perks still exist.  Not only are sisters still cool, still role models… but when you have a sister with style and creativity, you still have someone to copy.  : )
So today, I can’t take credit for this cool project, but instead will encourage the rest of you to copy my creative sister.

As hostess for our Christmas celebration, she was inspired to incorporate some more personal elements into the table décor.  Cue sister creativity!  Check it out:

What’s more personal than family photos?  I LOVE this idea.

Now, what I would love even more would be if I hadn’t accidentally deleted the pictures of the runner from her beautiful table Christmas day.  Grrrrr.  I’m still so ticked that I did that. 
So, my lame version will have to suffice, but hopefully it still showcases the product of her crafty awesomeness!

She pored through tons of pictures, and chose photos from Christmases past… some really old, some recent, all super.   But this doesn’t have to be a Christmas-only project – this would be perfect for a birthday or anniversary party… for kiddos or grandparents or anyone in between.
She started by making copies of all the photos she chose (you don’t want to ruin your originals!)  Black and White always looks so classic and cohesive, and of course it went best with the décor.  Print them out on regular paper or a light card stock – printing on photo paper can throw a wrench into the finishing process.

She cut out the photos and mounted them all on cream-colored card stock.  Then it’s just a matter of laying them out on your table and arranging everything together in a way that you like the look of.  You can use a glue stick to keep them together, or double-sided tape.  Once they are arranged, take your runner to Kinko’s and have it laminated.  It will come back to you in one big sheet, where you can then trim the border.

The finished product is a totally personal, beautiful runner that you can reuse year after year, if you choose.  And, because it’s laminated, you don’t have to worry about all your work going up in smoke the minute someone spills a glass of wine or drops mashed potatoes off the edge of their plate. ;)

So hey, even if you don’t have a big sister to copy, borrow mine and take this idea. 
Big sisters are cool. : )

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