Thursday, January 24, 2013

On the V Side: Family Edition

Since I last shared a totally copy-worthy project from my sister, I'm in a family braggin' kind of mood. ;)

Check out the awesome transformation from Megan, our nephew's girlfriend (she's practically family, man.  It counts. ;) )
Megan snagged these Hemnes nightstands from IKEA and loved the glossy white finish.

 Problem was, they didn't quite gel with the existing furniture that belonged to my nephew:

But the dresser had good bones, was in great shape, and had tons of storage.  There was no real reason to give it up and buy something new, but it needed an update to coexist in the room.

Megan gave it new life with some glossy white paint, and went back to IKEA for the Hemnes hardware to give everything a cohesive look.
I think it totally looks like part of the same furniture group!

And then there's my sister-in-law Joyce, who was inspired to give her bathroom vanity an update.
She took her old oak vanity from mid-90s standard

To a fresh new grey for 2013!

Like so many of our vanities, the fronts are solid wood, but the builders build the sides out of plywood, then cover the exposed sides with veneer.
Joyce's veneer had see better days, and it was time for an update.

An easy - and beautiful - fix is giving it the beadboard wallpaper treatment. (it's the same stuff I used in this bathroom makeover - easy to use, and makes such a difference!)  It adds texture and dimension while covering the veneer.  I love it!

So that's just me, braggin' on my family.
What have YOU been up to?  :)

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