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Chalkboard Wall - Right for You? [And Giveaway WINNER!]

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This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking about chalk.  And boards.  And chalkboards.
(clearly I need a new hobby ;) )

I’ve made no secret about my love affair with chalkboards.
 They’re everywhere in my house.

But I make no apologies – I love a chalkboard’s ability to morph and change your décor on a whim or with every season, and I love its neutrality when it’s wiped clean, ready for whatever is coming next.

I added a chalkboard wall to a small spot just off my kitchen last year, and I have loved every minute of it.  When it’s bare, it adds depth to an otherwise boxy room.  When it’s in use, it showcases everything from family heights and the whimsy of kid artwork to seasonal décor and the occasional reminder message.

But one thing I learned after putting it up is that the world is full of OPINIONS about chalkboard walls – either people love them (me), or they hate hate hate them with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns.  (LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE ) J

So, if a chalkboard wall is something you’re considering, here are some things you should know *before* you lay down that first coat of paint (you know, to avoid becoming one of the angry mob. Join me in the chalkboard love-fest instead. ;) ):

Where are you planning to put this chalkboard wall?  This decision is about more than simply “where will it look the best?” 
Chalkboard walls, whether utilitarian or just for recreation, are functional. 
And you know what “functional” means when you’re talking about chalkboards?
Chalk dust.
It’s a simple fact – if you use chalk, there WILL be chalk dust, no matter how careful you are.

So yes, location matters.
Chalkboard wall in a playroom?  Super idea!  Unless your playroom has carpeting.
Putting a chalk wall in a room with carpeting will be a mistake you regret every day until you finally decide to paint over the thing and be done with constantly Resolve-ing the bejeezus out of your carpet to get rid of the colorful chalk-dust smears and stains. 

Your Level of Type-A-ness.
I like things organized and I do like things clean.  Not always tidy, but definitely clean.  I like charts and lists and color-coding, but I still don’t consider myself full-on Type-A.  (those of you laughing now, someday I’ll introduce you to Cool Sister and you will learn that I am just a kitten to her LION of type-A personality.  In the best way possible, of course. :) )
My life lends itself to a degree of imperfection and trial-and-error that could drive most perfectionists to an early grave.  In that regard, a chalkboard wall works for me because I know that even when I wipe it down six times, once it’s been ‘seasoned’, it will always retain a bit of that gray-ish white smudge and will never ever go back to that sleek black fresh-coat look that it did when you first painted it on. 

I like it because it adds texture and character. 
I have a girlfriend who cringes at the thought of that in her kitchen and that makes me laugh.  Ha.  If you think that would bug you…. Set the paint brush down, and step away.
Just step away, man. 

 I love my chalkboard wall, but I know they're not for everyone.
Are they for you?

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  1. I love your chalkboard wall! I haven't done one myself - my kitchen doesn't have the room for it unfortuneatly! I tried to paint chalkboard paint on a mirror once and all it did was bubble so I'll just admire your chalkboard creation for now! Great job! Heather

  2. How do you get yours to look so clean? I never that much luck with mine and it ends up looking a smudgy mess!

    1. Hi! First of all, thanks! That said, like I mentioned in the post, once you start to use it, a clam oars is going to get back to the rich black it was when you first painted it. I like the softer black/grey wash look, so I don't mind. As for cleaning, I just use water. BUT, the trick is to use a cloth with texture, like a terry cloth washcloth, or a microfiber cloth - it will grab so much more of the chalk dust. And, I usually wipe it once, then rinse out my rag and go over it one more time. That does the trick for me. Thanks for stopping by! :)