Friday, June 7, 2013

Lily Love

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The Redhead and I have been loving watching our flowers bloom this spring!

She loves playing Assistant Gardner. :)

We're still waiting on her favorites, the Stella d'oro lilies.  The pretty yellow flowers are such a welcome burst of color in front of the house.

We have lilies a lot of places, actually, mainly because they're pretty, but also because they're easy to keep alive (which is pretty much an essential in my grey-thumb world! ;) )

I love potting bulbs because they come back year after year, and they can survive just about any kind of weather (remember, people, I live in IOWA, where we're kind of known for "what the heck...?" weather.) 

I rarely, if ever, have to do anything for my lilies other than water them, and even when I forget that (you guys know me! :) ) they still seem to thrive. 

And who doesn't love having fresh flowers in the house?

I just blogged about how much I love heading out to the garden to clip fresh flowers to brighten up our home, rather than having to schlep to the store and spend money for them.

The lilies just keep coming up all summer long, and I'm never wanting for [FREE] pops of color!

There are so many types of lilies out there, the possibilities really are endless. 

I remember my mom always had tiger lilies planted at our house when I was a kid, and I loved watching them grow so tall (and then of course walking through them, even though I wasn't supposed to ;) )

There are so many different varieties, all easy to care for, all beautiful, and some even have the added bonus of being incredibly fragrant! 

Lilies are also super affordable, and available just about anywhere - grocery stories, garden centers, flower shops - pretty much any place that sells flowers.  You're golden.

My point is, right now is the time we're all thinking about sprucing up our gardens and our homes, and here is an inexpensive, easy to care for, BEAUTIFUL way to do it!

Need some more inspiration?

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So what are you waiting for? :)



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